‘Below Deck Adventure’: Faye Clarke Admits ‘I’ll Take so Much and Then I’ll Blow’ [Exclusive]

Below Deck Adventure chief stew Faye Clarke likes to create a fun environment in the interior, but will “blow” when pushed too far.

So far, Clarke has shown viewers her fun and softer side, keeping peace and pace within the interior. But previews tease that Clarke will ultimately need to get tough with some of the crew. Stews Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah clearly have a passive-aggressive relationship, shading each other in confessionals. But, not having rank may create more drama than Clarke may realize.

Faye will ‘take so much’ before she blows on ‘Below Deck’

“I like my team to have fun and I want them to think I’m a fun girl as well,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “But I will take so much and then I’ll blow. So, I analyze everyone first before I speak. And then I’m like, yeah I got this worked out and sussed out.” Clarke showed how she likes to see her team in action before making decisions. She sent Faddah on a guest outing because she was proactive in service. But, unbeknownst to her, Schneps was stewing.

'Below Deck Adventure' stews Faye Clarke, Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah
Faye Clarke, Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah | Photo courtesy Faye Clarke

“So I just [had to think about] what’s going to work best. And because we are thrown in the deep end so quickly, yeah, I’ve got Oriana’s CV and I’ve got Kasie’s CV, but that means nothing to me,” she said about running the interior.

“I need to see people work,” she shared. “And I need to see their attitude. I need to see if their pace is fast and determined and if they’re supportive. And until I see that, then no one is going to have any hierarchy or whatever. I just need us to be a team together. I need to see their strengths and weaknesses and go, OK, that’s your strength, that’s where you’re going. So I just needed to analyze my girls and work out what was going to work best to make sure that every charter just went as smoothly as possible, basically.”

She may ‘blow’ with the ‘Below Deck Adventure’ deck team

It may not be only the interior where Clarke has to bring down the hammer. Previews tease that bosun Lewis Lupton becomes agitated when Clarke asks for help in the interior while they are a man down. But Clarke told Showbiz Cheat Sheet the deck team wasn’t as helpful this season.

“Honestly, it was extremely frustrating,” she said about the lack of support from the deck. “I’m not going to lie because it was Norway, because sometimes the weather was really bad. And not only that, the sun didn’t go down. So people were getting up and not going back to bed till like the next day.”

“So I was working every hour under the sun and so was [stew] Kasie [Faddah]. So was [stew] Oriana [Schneps]. We were exhausted and we were doing excursions and stuff and taking the guests on excursions. So I would have loved a little bit more support, I suppose. But I don’t think the boys quite understood the demand that the interior had, and it was extremely frustrating.”

Faye ‘reads the room’ with ‘Below Deck Adventure’ guests too

Clarke also tries to create the right environment for the guests’ individual experiences. “I think also I have to read the room. I have to read what my guests are like,” she said. “Some guests don’t like white gloves, silver service, yes sir, no sir. They come on holiday and want to talk to the crew. They want fun. And they want to talk to us about our lives and what happens down in the crew cabins. And then others just want us to stay away.”

“So it’s all about people skills and you just have to be very adaptable, not just with your guests, but with the crew as well,” she added. “You don’t know what crew you’re getting. You don’t know what personalities or mood swings or whatever they have. I’ve always said you have to have many colors to yourself. You have to be every color on the rainbow.”

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