‘Below Deck’: Ashling Lorger Tells Elizabeth Frankini To ‘Suck It up Cream Puff’ After the Two Spar on Twitter

Ashling Lorger from Below Deck sent a private message to Elizabeth Frankini, telling her to suck it up after Frankini called her “fake” on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Elizabeth Frankini
Elizabeth Frankini |Laurent Basset/Bravo

On WWHL, a fan asked Frankini how she felt hearing Lorger make derogatory remarks about her behind her back. Lorger referred to Frankini as a “lost cause.” She also said Frankini had no backbone during her recent appearance on WWHL.

“Hearing that is actually very hurtful,” Frankini said about Lorger’s comments. “Because the whole time on the boat, I thought we were friends and good coworkers. I never expected any of this toward me.”

“Now watching the episode, I had no idea she was this fake,” Frankini said shrugging. “So it was definitely hurtful. I wish those kinds of words and behavior was being said to me at the time.” On the show, Lorger also acted as though she was being supportive when Frankini was upset about James Hough. But she rolled her eyes in confessionals about the situation.

Ashling Lorger immediately responded to the shade

Lorger commented on the WWHL Twitter clip, “coo coo for cocoa puffs.” But she also sent Frankini a direct message in response to her comment. Frankini shared the message on Twitter and the two got into a short, but spicy exchange. “Can anybody suggest a hobby for [Ashling Lorger] to help keep her out of my DMs?” Frankini tweeted along with a screenshot of the message.

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“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me,” Lorger responded to the tweet. Then adding in hashtag form, “suck it up cream puff.”

But Frankini took the high road. “Some words can be hurtful @AshlingLorger which is why you should never needlessly attack another woman,” Frankini tweeted.

Elizabeth Frankini should have been demoted, Ashling Lorger says

Lorger was asked about how the interior performed when she previously appeared on WWHL. Host Andy Cohen asked if Frankini should have been demoted from the second stew position. While Lorger chose her words carefully, she believed Frankini should have been demoted.

“Personally, I think she deserved a little shot at it,” Lorger said. “But I think if she hadn’t proved herself for that second stripe, then yes. I think she was meant to be demoted.”

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Cohen then wondered if chief stew Francesca Rubi was too quick to want to fire Frankini or was she a lost cause. “Personally, she’s a lost cause,” Lorger replied. “That girl should have stepped it up a long time ago.”

Lorger also didn’t think Rubi had a personal vendetta out for Frankini either. “I just think Elizabeth’s just not standing up for herself,” Lorger said. “Like she’s got no backbone. She’s not working hard enough to prove that she can stand by Francesca’s side.