‘Below Deck’: Camille Dishes ‘Confusing’ Crew Role – and Why Alissa Frustrated Her [Exclusive]

Camille Lamb is the first official deck/stew to join Below Deck, which she says essentially made “everybody” on the boat her boss. Not a fun role to have.

“It was the first deck/stew that’s ever been on Below Deck and I don’t know if my department heads had ever managed a deck/stew. So it was a bit confusing for me,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I didn’t really know where I stood a lot of the time. And when I was done in the interior, I was like, OK, well do I just see myself to the exterior? Like how does this work? So yeah it was definitely pretty confusing.”

Camille explains why Alissa annoyed her on ‘Below Deck’

Lamb also felt as though everybody on the boat was her boss, which added to not only confusion but frustration. Lamb and second stew Alissa Humber clashed when Humber delegated tasks to her – which Lamb agreed was a second stew duty. She just didn’t love her delivery.

Fraser Olender, Camille Lamb, and Ross McHarg from 'Below Deck'
Fraser Olender, Camille Lamb, and Ross McHarg |Laurent Bassett/Bravo

“I come from the small boat world so normally I’m the sole stewardess and I work for myself,” Lamb explained. “And I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like when people tell me what to do when I was going to do it anyway. That gets on my nerves so much. So I think it’s pretty normal for the second stew to delegate, but in a proper leadership style.”

Tensions rose between Lamb and Humber during the first episode when Humber didn’t think Lamb completely stocked the refrigerators with enough water. Humber and Lamb’s relationship continued to be strained as the stews launched passive-aggressive attacks at one another after the charter ended.

Camille observed Fraser being a ‘bit in over his head’

Working for chief stew Fraser Olender on Below Deck was a different story for Lamb. She enjoyed working for him but could tell he may have bitten off more than he could chew.

“Fraser is hilarious,” she recalled. “We definitely share the same sense of humor, and I find him extremely easy to get along with and entertaining to be around. Although I did notice that he was maybe a little bit in over his head. I’m not sure what was going on in the situation, but I felt like when I was around him that he was a bit high-strung and I wasn’t exactly sure what that was all about.”

Olender agreed that his stress level was high, especially at first. “There was almost too much to think about knowing that the next morning there would be guests coming down the gangway,” he told Decider. “At that point, I told myself: ‘Just roll with the punches. We’ve done the best we can.’ However, I can’t tell you how anxious I was because I am so hard on myself. I want to succeed and to make other people happy. It was crushing to think that I might fail. I was my own worst enemy, but I got through it somehow.”

What was Ross like on deck as a bosun?

Contrary to the interior, Lamb said working on deck was a more relaxed vibe. “It’s so chill. It’s just so much more chill on the exterior because there are more men than women and I think that helps,” she said.


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But it didn’t sound like she had as much interaction with bosun Ross McHarg, or does she clash with him? “Working with Ross was … good,” she said but hesitated. “I don’t think he was really that hands-on with me. Ross knows what he’s doing I’ll say that much. It’s not like he’s telling you what to do and he has no idea what he’s telling you to do. He knows what he’s doing and is definitely well-versed in yachting.”