‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee and Chef Rachel Refute Charley Walters’ Claim That Producers Told Him To Be Demanding

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck said producers have never told him to act a certain way after a fan wondered about charter guest Charley Walters’ antics.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“So Charley is apparently saying @BravoTV tells them to be overly demanding…Is that true @capthlr?” a fan tweeted. “Or is he just truly the jackass he comes off as? Nice to see Eddie back as bosun!!! And you back at the helm of course!”

Rosbach replied, carefully choosing his words. “Bravo has never told me to do anything,” he wrote. “And I just call Charley high maintenance, but he knows that. Is good to have Eddie back, I agree.”

Chef Rachel says producers actually wanted Charley Walters to tone it down

Chef Rachel Hargrove shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet that producers told Walters and his demanding group to tone down their behavior.

In fact, a producer ended up apologizing to Hargrove about Walters’ attitude. “And in my 14 years that’s the worst charter I ever had,” she said. “I think it was completely for air time.”

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Walters and his friends were filmed making precise food demands, which included a multi-country tasting dinner menu. Plus they made breakfast orders that were extremely detailed and extensive. Walters insisted that producers told them to order that way. “You are told to come up with the most extravagant orders you can think of,” he shared on Twitter.

He also complained about service and even invaded the galley kitchen when the food didn’t come out fast enough. Walters told chief stew Francesca Rubi he’d give her a pass for the first day but to get it right for the rest of the charter.

Charley Walters said producers told him to be demanding

Walters was dragged on Twitter when his episodes aired. But he insisted producers told him to over the top. “I’m used to this, gang,” he replied on Twttier thread where a fan suggested the Internet drag him.

“Do you think @BravoTV has repeat guests back to play nice and be ‘not demanding’?” he continued. “That’s not what I was told!” Another person asked if [producers] “told you to act like a piece of sh*t to the crew?” Walters replied, “Correct. That’s what makes the show.”

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One person tweeted about Walters’ behavior, “Man .. I would be the easiest charter #BelowDeck could have. Ill eat whatever the chef makes and the stews can take their sweet time with no pressure. Some of these charters I are absolute douchebags like this guy.” That’s when Walters asserted that easy guests are not what Bravo wants.

“But they wouldn’t cast you for that,” he replied. “That’s not what the show is about. You have to be demanding and dramatic or there’s no show.”

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