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Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck was invited to partake in a wine-drinking challenge during a guest’s 50th birthday party celebration.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach |Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The guest had special carafes so the wine could be poured directly from the receptacle into the person’s mouth. Some skill was required as the wine ended up being splashed on the yacht’s delicate teak floors. Beyond the potential damage to the boat, fans wondered how Rosbach was able to join the guests for wine during a charter.

Drinking on charter is absolutely forbidden for the crew. However, the guests asked Rosbach to join them for the dinner, but then came the drinking challenge. Since drinking on charter poses a safety hazard, Rosbach explained on Twitter what he did in order to keep the vessel safe.

Captain Lee explains how he kept everyone safe

Rosbach told a fan who asked about the situation what he did in order to have a drink with the guests. “I turn over the con to the first officer who is fully qualified. I would never shirk my duties and he assumes command for which he is fully qualified. Otherwise, I would not indulge, or jeopardize anything nor anyone,” he shared.

He added that the drinking challenge was quick too. “Fortunately, it wasn’t a lot and brief,” he tweeted. “But a good time was had and that’s what were here for, the guests.”

Rosbach also changed out of his white uniform into a t-shirt the guests gave to him. The shirt was designed for the guest’s birthday that featured his photo on the front. Fans wondered if Rosbach got to keep the t-shirt. “Sure did, still have it,” Rosbach shared. Chef Rachel Hargrove added, “That was so epic you did that with the guests!”

K2R is needed stat!

The deck team was ready to remove red wine stains from the floor as the guests managed to slosh the booze all over the deck. Before embarking upon the challenge, the guests asked what happens if red wine is spilled on teak. Rosbach says red wine stains teak. “Do you plan on spilling a lot of red wine?” Rosbach asked.

The guest explained that drinking from the carafe is a tradition and that wine could spill in the process. “The longer you drink it, the longevity,” the guest explained. “The further away from your mouth, the prosperity.” Each guest took a turn with the carafe and the wine didn’t make it into everyone’s mouth.


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At this point, Rosbach asks bosun Eddie Lucas how much K2R the boat currently has. K2R is the substance deckhands are seen spraying on spots all over the floor after a messy night.

“The obvious deckhands choice of weapon is of course K2R however a lot of boats actually ban this as they feel it leaves white marks and residue which can still be seen. However, using it properly can be really effective. A whole bottle of red wine over teak however is a different story. I’d suggest getting the teak scrubber and Eco teak out for that,” according to Quay Crew.