‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Hints James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini Sleeping in a Guest Cabin ‘Isn’t Going To End Well’

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck dropped a cryptic message about the potential fallout from James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini taking over a guest cabin without asking for permission.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Ben Robinson, Emily Warburton-Adams, Lauren Burchell
Captain Lee Rosbach, Ben Robinson, Emily Warburton-Adams, Lauren Burchell | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Hough and Frankini returned to the boat after going on a date and decided to treat themselves to an empty guest cabin. Meanwhile, the crew were downstairs drinking and enjoying bosun Eddie Lucas’ epic goat call. And while no guests were on board, junior crew members need to ask the chief stew for permission to spend the night in a guest cabin.

“Did he really just say should we move to a guest cabin,” Rosbach tweeted during the episode. “That’s not going to end well.” A fan joked that apparently the rendezvous definitely ended well. But Rosbach replied, “It ain’t over yet.”

Crew members must have permission to sleep in a guest cabin, Captain Lee says

Rosbach was probably angrier than a p*ssed on chicken when he witnessed Hough and Frankini stealing away to a guest cabin. “What is a third stew and deckhand doing going to a guest cabin with their hookup?? That is most definitely a privilege reserved for Chief Stew and higher ranks only…” a fan tweeted.

That’s when Rosbach replied, “And only after you ask first.” But another fan wondered what couples are supposed to do when they work on a yacht. “Is that a real question, they are working, they share rooms if it happens to be with each other no problem, but when you infringe on your crew mates time and rest period to satisfy your own physical needs, over the line. Sorry,” Rosbach wrote.

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“They could’ve just gotten a room for the night, or asked Izzy to bunk with Ash for the night, but they did neither,” he added.

The ‘Below Deck Med’ crew followed protocol

Two different couples on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 demonstrated proper procedure when it came to guest cabins. Bosun Malia White asked Captain Sandy Yawn’s permission to stay in a guest cabin in between charters when her boyfriend chef Tom Checketts joined her on the yacht.

Also, third stew Jessica More asked chief stew Christine “Bugsy” Drake’s permission to spend the night with deckhand Rob Westergaard in a guest cabin. Both More and Westergaard held the same positions as Hough and Frankini. But More knew to get clearance to use the room first.

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Why does the crew need permission? One example can be drawn from Below Deck Season 4. Chief stew Kate Chastain allowed a deckhand to sleep in a guest room in between charters. However, other crew members ended up bombarding him and partied in the room. Their drunken behavior resulted in damage to the room, including some destruction to the high-tech, expensive robot-toilet.

So what happens when Rosbach finds out Hough and Frankini spent the night in a guest room without permission? Bosun Eddie Lucas shared that the couple was warned once but next time, the consquences would be a little more severe.

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