‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Misses the Sea But Opts for His Red Sportscar

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck admits he misses being out on the open ocean. But in a recent video, he shared that he’s traded yachting for cruising along the ocean in his zippy red convertible instead.

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck
Captain Lee Rosbach | Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Rosbach has offered encouraging affirmations and reminders to stay safe during the pandemic. Production for season 8 shut down slightly early so Rosbach returned to his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in March. Rosbach shared a photo driving along empty beaches, typically packed for Spring Break in March.

“Not a swinging dik onFt Lauderdale Beach. Spring Break 2020 brought to you by #coronavirus. All beach goers banned. Today at 5 pm all restaurants and bars close for 30 days. Be safe and use common sense peeps,” he wrote on March 17. He’s since offered additional messages and posts as he stays at home with wife Mary Anne.

Little red Lexus

Rosbach shot a slick video from the inside of his sweet red Lexus. He tells the camera that while he misses being on the water, he’s trading it for riding in his cruiser. “As Florida gradually and responsibly reopens, let’s all use our heads out here,” he advises fans. He also tagged the local Lexus car dealership in the video too.

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Stay smart, stay safe, #JMLexuspartner

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He reminds everyone to do the right thing and shows the camera his mask. Then he puts on his Maui Jim sunglasses and revs the engine. As the camera follows him while he leaves the driveway, viewers get a glimpse of his “Captain Lee” license plate.

Kate Chastain responded to the video with, “Badass 🙌.” Chastain is also in Florida, but she’s renting a home on the ocean, located farther north. She’s also shared videos from her home, but they don’t look as fun as what Rosbach just shared. In fact, Chastain suspects her home, which is historic, could be haunted.

Rosbach is also concerned he’s enjoying his wife’s cooking too much

Like many people at home, Rosbach has been indulging in some good home cooking. He recently shared a photo of a decadent red velvet cake his wife made for him. “Now y’all know why I’ve put on 10 lbs during this quarantine. It’s all Mary Anne’s fault. Tell me you could resist that!!!!! The struggle is real,” he posted along with the baked eye candy.

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Rosbach has a pretty strict health and fitness routine. He used to be an amateur boxer and maintains a tight fitness and nutrition schedule while filming too. He told GQ he works out seven days a week, even on the yacht.

“I’m usually at the gym for two hours,” he said. “I’ll do a little something to get my heart going, then I’ll start with weight machines. I do a lot of repetitions without really heavy weights. On the bench press, I’ll do 180 pounds, but I’ll do three sets of 15 at that weight. I’ll switch it up every couple of weeks so that my muscles don’t remember the same routine.” Rosbach also drinks a special protein-packed smoothie every morning and keeps his carb intake pretty low.