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Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck responded to what could only amount to a ” s*&t storm” of an episode when chef Rachel Hargrove storms off the boat.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach |Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Hargrove not only suddenly quit, she told Rosbach to “go f**k yourself” and hurled insults and curse words at the cast and crew. Her meltdown came after Rosbach reviewed the preference sheet for an upcoming charter. The guests had endless, specific requests and Hargrove couldn’t take it. She was being used as an armchair psychologist on the boat. Plus, her boyfriend who lived in Italy described the grave nature of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the U.S. based film crew was humming away, oblivious to the serious threat headed their way. Hargrove was shouldering considerable stress but Rosbach had literally no idea. He expressed his frustration with her reaction, wishing her well on future endeavors.

Chef Rachel  ‘loosened up the proverbial lug nuts’

Rosbach was understanding with Hargrove’s stress level, but admits he was still pretty upset she left the crew high and dry when she refused to work.

“Rachel snuck into the galley and loosened up the proverbial lug nuts, cuz the wheels definitely came off tonight,” Rosbach blogged. “You really went off the rails. I for sure didn’t even see this coming at all. I know what you meant when you told me to go have sex with myself, and I know it wasn’t directed squarely at me, but I still can’t say I wasn’t surprised. Blew me away and sure put me, and the crew, in a tight spot to say the very least.”

“I hope we can recover from no thanks to you,” he added. “You knew I might have to cancel the charter, and the boss will have to refund the charter money, and the crew won’t receive any tip, so yeah, it’s going to be tough. After watching the buildup of things you were going thru, I can see where you may [have] been having a tough stretch, but still, I expected better from you and was sorely disappointed in your behavior. Not much else to say about that, I wish you all the luck and whatever is bothering you, I hope you find the key to it somewhere.” 

Captain Lee teases that the crew may have to cancel the charter

Rosbach wasn’t kidding when he said that the upcoming charter may not occur. “Chess, tough week for you,” Rosbach addressed chief stew Francesca Rubi.

“Had your hands full,” he continued reflecting on both Hargrove’s departure, but Elizabeth Frankini’s issues. “Liz is really starting to drag on you, and I can see things were headed south with Rachel as well. There’s a lot going on I didn’t see until now. We will get thru it.”


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Adding, “But you took it on the chin like a pro, hung in there and got the job done. I do not envy you nor Eddie if I can’t solve this Chef problem ASAP. I do not have high hopes to be quite honest with you about getting that done in 16 hrs. We may have to cancel, which I’ve never done before in 35 yrs.”

Will Rosbach have to cancel the charter? Does Hargrove return? Below Deck is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.