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Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck is seen abruptly ending a guest’s charter during season 8. He said the moment is unprecedented.

Below Deck
Below Deck| Bravo Media

A fan tweeted, “I can hardly wait to find out who you are talking to in the water at the end of the Season 8 trailer. I’m thinking it’s a guest as you’re telling them their ‘charter just ended’ Nov 2nd seems so far away!”

That’s when Rosbach offered a little tea about the moment. “It is a Below Deck first for me ever, and the series,” he tweeted. “But I do not regret it, but you will have to watch to see exactly who prompted that [visceral] response.”

Captain Lee looks furious with the charter guest

Rosbach is seen barking at a charter guest who decided to go for a night swim in the ocean. “Get your godd*mn a** back to this boat,” Rosbach screamed at the guest in the water. “Now!”

“Your charter just ended,” he is heard saying as he stormed off into the boat’s interior. Rosbach appeared to be furious as the crew and guests stood by looking shocked.

Rosbach has had his share of unruly charter guests in the past, so the guest must have really pushed the boundaries in order for him to kick this guest off the boat. Viewers may recall that Rosbach dealt with a guest named Brandy last season. Brandy became exceptionally intoxicated on more than one occasion. Her inebriation was so bad, Rosbach had to call a medical professional to evaluate her.

Rosbach and former chief stew Kate Chastain were asked who was the worst behaved charter guest when they appeared on the Watch What Happens Live After Show. Rosbach immediately said, “Brandy. In a word.”

“Oh Brandy. She’s coming up,” Chastain said as their appearance came before the guest’s big moments. “She’s a little bit on tonight at the end, but next Monday …” Rosbach added, “Strap your a** in!” Cohen says, “Really?”

Captain Lee also kicked the first group of guests off the boat

Rosbach ended up booting a group of photographer charter guests off the yacht during the first charter of the series. Stew Kat Held found drugs in one of the guest’s cabins and reported her findings to chief stew Adrienne Gang.

Rather than confront the guests, Rosbach surreptitiously turned the boat around and went back to the dock the next morning. The guests inquired why they were returning but Rosbach simply said there was a problem.


Captain Lee and Kate Chastain from ‘Below Deck’ Say This Charter Guest Was Worst Behaved

Rosbach lowered the boom once the yacht was docked. “There were two [groups of worst charter guests] that come to mind, not counting the druggies that I threw off the boat the first time,” Rosbach said during a Stars Marketing live event. “They didn’t see that s**t coming their way, did they?”

“[The guests] hold the record,” he shared. “They were on the boat for less than 22 hours and they were gone. I kept their money!”

How long does this new group of guests last on the boat and will they break the first charter group’s record for shortest time on the boat?

Find out when Below Deck returns to Bravo on Monday, November 2 at 9/8c.