‘Below Deck’ Charter Guest Charley Walters Was ‘Disappointed’ and Apologizes To Viewers

Despite sharing that he was told to be over the top, Below Deck charter guest Charley Walters admits he was disappointed with himself after viewing the footage and wants to apologize to viewers.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

In an Instagram comment, Walters also hints about departing comments he makes about the crew and the kind of tip he left. His remarks come in response to stew Elizabeth Frankini’s post about the drama in yachting.

“Yes, our first charter on #BelowDeck WAS crazy, overwhelming & our guests were super demanding in their very particular ways (esp for it being our very 1st as all-new crew on an all-new boat w/ less than 24hours to meet, organize & prepare!),” she posted along with a photo with Walters.

“But this IS the yachting industry after all & all of this ridiculousness is NOTHING new,” she continued. “The chaotic energy within this environment is experienced ALL the time..many times even WORSE than pictured on this episode! But we have to not let it completely overwhelm us.” She added, “Take the best & leave the rest.”

Charley Walters says he was disappointed

“THIS is the reason you all especially YOU in particular get the departure comments and tip that y’all did,” Walters responded. “Because you’re able to rise above the crazy scenario we’re all thrown in, and make the most of it with a great attitude and outlook.”

“You were like that the whole time in a way that many others (myself included!) were not able to be,” he continued. “I was disappointed in myself when I saw the whole story taking place and I do apologize for the actions viewers saw. But I love ‘take the best and leave the rest’! Miss u babe great chatting the other day.”

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Despite the apology, some fans were still annoyed with Walters. “Bravo please don’t ever ask for charley and his guests to return,” one person replied. Another wrote, “He is the rudest person he demands all these things and acts like he has all this money but last charter he was the worst tipper.”

Reports conflict about behind the scenes

Walters tweeted that he was told to be extreme. A viewer posted Walters’ social media handle in an effort to generate negative comments. “I’m used to this, gang,” he replied on the thread. “Do you think @BravoTV has repeat guests back to play nice and be ‘not demanding’? That’s not what I was told!” Another person asked if [producers] “told you to act like a piece of sh*t to the crew?” Walters replied, “Correct. That’s what makes the show.”

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But Captain Lee Rosbach shared that no one has ever “told” him to act a certain way on charter. “Bravo has never told me to do anything,” he replied to a tweet about Walters’ behavior. “And I just call Charley high maintenance, but he knows that. Is good to have Eddie back, I agree.”

Chef Rachel Hargrove told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that producers apologized to her for the guests’ behavior and even told them to dial it back.

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