‘Below Deck’ Charter Guest Shocker – Teases Secret Romance With Deckhand [Exclusive]

Below Deck charter guest Torrie Jasuwan, who appeared with her family and friends on two seasons of the show said one of her friends on the boat ended up dating a Below Deck Season 7 crew member.

Jasuwan and her husband Albert brought their two small children, (Master) Pierson and (Lady) Tiernan, along with friends and family. The Jasuwans appeared on Below Deck Season 6 in Tahiti and then later in Thailand for season 7, which is when Jasuwan said one of her girlfriends and a deckhand were seriously flirting throughout the entire charter.

A ‘Below Deck’ charter guest went onto date a deckhand after the charter ended

Jasuwan clarified that no one crossed the line on charter. But she laughed, recalling all the drama with the crew above deck couldn’t compare to the drama going on with this crew member and her charter guest friend “below deck.” Bosun Ashton Pienaar led the “bru crew” in a descent of misogyny on the boat on Below Deck Season 7. Meanwhile, Jasuwan said her friend and deckhand were getting cozy.

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“I did not know about all that drama, but there was behind-the-scenes drama with one of the girls and one of the crew members that they didn’t show,” she laughed during an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “One of my girlfriends had a crush on one of the guys and he had a crush on her back. And they actually started, like, talking and dating after the show.”

The yachtie and the guest were flirting in the early morning hours

Below Deck Mediterranean stew Kyle Vilojen caught heat from some fans for being too involved with a recent group of charter guests when he fell for someone in the group. Jasuwan said her friend and the deckhand’s flirtation levels were on par with what fans recently saw.

“He was hanging out with her, especially in the early morning hours,” she recalled. “Everyone else was still asleep and they were definitely chatting and chilling. So I think that’s where it all started.”

She laughed thinking back to the charter because her group didn’t seem to bring a lot of drama – or at least drama that was shown. “So it wasn’t as boring or as basic as you would have thought with that crew,” she said. “There was more. They started talking during the charter and they ended up meeting up and seeing where it went. Obviously it didn’t work out long term.”

Jasuwan added that her charter guest friend recently got engaged – not to the Below Deck crew member.

Torrie misses seeing Kate Chastain on ‘Below Deck’

While she didn’t want to reveal the crew member’s name she said the deckhand’s name began with a “T” and left it at that.

She’s still a big Below Deck fan and misses the days when chief stew Kate Chastain was on the series. “I loved our crews, honestly, and I think that Kate is irreplaceable,” Jasuwan said. “I thought Josiah [Carter] was great as well. Super entertaining. Ashton [Pienaar] obviously brought the drama. I think there are some really great characters and these people were real yachties and real stews and stewardesses, you know?”

But like some Below Deck fans, she’s seen a shift from the show featuring real yachties to cast members who go on the show for fame or an opportunity to be an influencer. “I think they really pulled from a great demographic. I live in Florida, I live in St. Pete,” she said. “And I think they pulled a lot from this area, Tampa, as well as Miami and Lauderdale, which we’re such a yachting community. But now I feel like, yes, for whatever reason, there are a lot more influencers being cast on it.”