‘Below Deck’: Chef Rachel Hargrove Slams Francesca Rubi Says She Stabbed Elizabeth Frankini in the Back

Chef Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck becomes furious when she witnesses chief stew Francesca Rubi’s callous attitude toward Elizabeth Frankini during the season 8 finale.

Rachel Hargrove on 'WWHL'
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The crew is at dinner and the birthday cake Hargrove ordered for Frankini arrives at the table. Of course, Frankini is not present at dinner because she had just been fired. As the crew dives in, Hargrove looks disgusted, upset to witness the gleeful looks coming from a few crew members, but especially coming from Rubi.

The knife is ‘already in somebody’s back,’ Chef Rachel says

The server approaches the crew’s table with the birthday cake, lit with festive sparkler candles. Some crew members shout “happy birthday” to an empty seat at the table as the cake is being presented. “Let’s have some cake,” Rubi is heard saying in a sing-song tone.

Hargrove sits by watching the display, speechless. James Hough, who was dating Frankini, laughs and takes a photo of the cake. “Happy birthday Elizabeth,” Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters says. Hough adds that it’s the worst thing he’s ever seen. The crew immediately digs in with forks, ignoring Hargrove who is not in a festive mood.

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The server returns with cutlery. “Oh you started before I got the knives,” the server observes. But Rubi replies, “We don’t need the knives.”

That’s when Hargrove loudly says, “No, it’s already in somebody’s back.”

Chef Rachel walks out on dinner with the crew

The crew laughs at the dig but it’s clear what Hargrove meant. At this point, Hargrove has had enough. “Naw, I don’t do that,” she says as she rises from the table. “Sorry.”

“You don’t do cake?” Lucas asks. She replies, “Nope” and then sighs as she starts to walk away from the table.

“I ordered the birthday cake and then canceled it,” Hargrove explained in a confessional. “But yet the sh*t showed up. It seems like Francesca’s super stoked that like Elizabeth’s not there.” Adding in a mocking voice, “Oh let’s celebrate it.”

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Hargrove is seen walking away from the table into the restaurant. Lucas asks who ordered the cake. “Rachel was getting the cake organized,” Wouters says. “So then I just assumed it wasn’t happening.”

“Not how it works mate,” Hargrove is heard saying as she leaves the outdoor dining area. “That’s f**king rude as sh*t, dude.”

“A full belly,” Hough says to Wouters. “I figured I can’t do much, to be fair. A lot to digest. F**king get it.” Rubi suggests to the crew they should return back to the boat. Does Hargrove confront Rubi later?

The Below Deck Season 8 finale is on Monday, Feb. 15 at 9/8c on Bravo.