‘Below Deck’ Christmas Cocktail – Make Josiah Carter’s ‘Naughty’ Mistletoe Margarita

Get that holiday glow with a Below Deck signature Mistletoe Margarita, courtesy of second stew Josiah Carter. Carter offered a video tutorial to help revelers create the perfect libation, walking home mixologists through making this nice but also “naughty” cocktail step by step.

Gather ingredients for your ‘Below Deck’ Christmas cocktail

Carter’s Instagram video also includes the Mistletoe Margarita recipe. You will need: “2 parts tequila, 1 part orange liquor, 3 parts cranberry juice and 1/2 a lime, squeezed.” Mixologists will also need ice, a shot pour, a knife to slice the lime, an orange, and a cocktail shaker.

Below Deck crew clink cocktail glasses during a crew night out: Ross Inia, Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter, Ashton Pienaar, Laura Betancourt, Adrian Martin
Below Deck crew clink cocktail glasses during a crew night out: Ross Inia, Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter, Ashton Pienaar, Laura Betancourt, Adrian Martin | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Carter also set the scene, standing in front of a lovely table setting in a festively decorated room. “On Christmas Eve, here, the table is ready. I’ve got my Christmas T-shirt on. And it is time for a Christmas cocktail,” he dished in his video.

He prepared his cocktail glass too. “So I have named this one of my Mistletoe Margarita, and I’ve already salted the rim of the glass and I put the ice in,” he described. Carter used a smaller highball glass but said a tall glass works well too. “You can obviously do it in a normal glass like this that you would. But I think it’s probably nice to have a longer drink anyway. So let’s crack on.”

Mix your Mistletoe Margarita with Josiah Carter!

Carter made the drink on his Instagram video. He mixed the entire drink in the cocktail shaker too. “We’ve got the juice of half a lime going in here,” he directed. “And then the other ingredients is cranberry juice, tequila, and then an orange liqueur. Here I’m using Cointreau. And we have two parts of tequila going in there. And if you normally aren’t a fan of tequila, I’m sure you can use vodka or rum. I don’t think it’s anything too precise, but I just might give it that.”

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“And then one part of orange liqueur,” he continued. “And then one and a half parts of cranberry juice. So it’s the same amount of booze as your cranberry juice, which is always quite good.” Carter tops the shaker and mixes the drink. “So I have that and give it a really good shake.”

Carter poured the pink cocktail over ice and added a slice of orange as a garnish to his drink. “It’s nice it’s a bit of a longer drink,” he said. “And so you finish it off with a like slice of orange in it and that’s it. The Christmas cocktail. It is absolutely amazing if I do say so myself. It’s a bit sweet, it’s a bit spicy. A bit naughty.”

Not a tequlia fan? Try this ‘Below Deck’ favorite cocktail instead

While Carter’s festive cocktail will likely hit the spot, Christmas partiers who are looking for a bit more of a “caffeinated” experience will love a Below Deck favorite – the espresso martini. Stew Julia d’Albert Pusey from Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Galley Talk told Showbiz Cheat Sheet why the espresso martini is a yachtie favorite.

“I leave the cocktail making to Josiah,” she dished about what she and Carter drink during Galley Talk. “Because I haven’t been in the game for a few years. My cocktails would just not be hitting the mark. So he was making espresso martinis. He made us margaritas, which is my absolute favorite. And so, yeah. And we had some champagne, I think, and I love a bit of white wine.” 

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“It was kind of coming back into fashion then,” she said about the espresso martini. “So, yeah it was a big drink when I was on the boat. I don’t know what it is. I mean the combination of alcohol and coffee [is] just not a good combination. Let’s be honest. It might make people a bit cuckoo. But yeah, it’s the most popular I’d say, without a doubt.”