‘Below Deck’: Courtney Skippon Says, ‘Nothing Bonds Two People Like Mutual Hatred’

Stew Courtney Skippon from Below Deck recently shared how she dealt with having to live in close quarters with coworkers who made her work life hellish.

 Kate Chastain, Rhylee Gerber, Courtney Skippon
Kate Chastain, Rhylee Gerber, Courtney Skippon | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

She credits forming close bonds with some of the other women on the boat like chief stew Kate Chastain, admitting that there’s nothing like mutual hatred for a toxic coworker to create a bond.

“Nothing bonds two people like mutual hatred (especially for another coworker),” she shared in an email to Vox. “It can be galvanizing for you and other members of the team who are being tormented by the same *insert problematic adjective here* person. Take comfort in them (thank you, Kate) and your shared experience.”

“Bonus wellness tip: Don’t rule out the catharsis of crying yourself to sleep at night,” she added.

The women bonded together during the difficult season

Skippon, Chastain, and Rhylee Gerber formed a solid friendship, especially as the toxic masculinity escalated. “I really admire Kate and her ability to not explode when you get upset with people,” Gerber said of Chastain to Decider. “You still get your jabs in but in a sideways kind of way. So your point’s made but you’re not screaming and yelling. It’s more tactical than my own.”

“I appreciate you knowing what you want and respecting yourself enough to make sure you get what you deserve,” Gerber told Skippon. “That was very admiral about you and not something that women do. She has very high standards that she upholds.”

“I really love your courage, whether it’s driving across the country alone from Alaska, whether it’s going out on dangerous fishing boats, whether it’s revamping your camper,” Chastain said to Gerber. “I’m not brave enough to do some of the amazing things you do. You’re fearless to start your own jewelry company. You want something and you go after it.”

The friendship that began through a bond of “mutual hatred” has blossomed as the trio are still close friends to this day.

Captain Lee wishes he knew how bad it became on the boat

Captain Lee Rosbach says he had no idea the misogynist and aggressive behavior was occurring on the boat last season. A viewer recently called him out for not stopping the bad behavior. He replied he would have stopped it if he knew about it.

“Had I know about it, it would have stopped immediately, no question there,” he replied. “But I have to know before I can step in and I didn’t. I didn’t see it till it aired and no one spoke of it to me while we were there. Sorry you don’t get it.”


Are Courtney Skippon and Kate Chastain From ‘Below Deck’ Still Close Friends?

Chef Rachel Hargrove, who has been friends with Chastain for years added some insight to the thread. “Bulling onboard happens alot,” she responded in the thread. “As a department head I have had to step in and go to the Captain myself about a person or persons being ganged up on. Also sometimes the crew member is intimidated and ashamed to go to the Captain.”