‘Below Deck’ Crew Member Celebrates 4 Years of Sobriety

Emile Kotze from Below Deck shared that he recently celebrated “4 years of abstaining from substances in recovery.”

Emil Kotze from 'Below Deck'
Emil Kotze |Paul Drinkwater/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“I have not picked up a mind or mood altering substance since 29 July 2016,” Kotze shared on Instagram. “The one photo in the reel of me not flexing is of my grandparents who have reunited in heaven who have been a cornerstone throughout my life 🙏. I have made it this far and can smile just for today 2020 has made me strong 😁.”

Kotze shared in September that he was in recovery.  “My name is Emile, I’m an addict/alcoholic in recovery,” he posted to Facebook. “In honor of Recovery Month: I have not picked up a mind or mood altering substance since 29 July 2016 Let’s share our hope, that those who suffer can recover. #WEDORECOVER #RecoveryRocks Copy and paste with your date to show it can be done.”

Emile Kotze marked 3 years of sobriety last year

Kotze also marked three years of sobriety last year.  “3 years of sobriety Part 3 of the adventure series (paused momentarily): 🙏 Aloha
to a new life opening up a new chapter finding a way to face life, still having my vice’s learning to face the consequences of my bad and good decisions…,” he shared on Instagram.

“I have people in my life who love me value me and believe in me even when I don’t when I let myself down and them…Watch this space as the adventure continues and has as cliche as it is only just begun another round of 12 steps ahead and mountains of fun… Thank you all for this blessed life and have a good one.”

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Kotze had only one moment on the show where he appeared to be drunk. He took Raquel “Rocky” Dakota on a date and ended up getting too inebriated.  “At those times I was not thinking,” he told Real Mr. Houswife. “I was trying to be humoring in those attempts. Also, I was under the influence of alcohol. I should have been more respectful and mannered.”

Other ‘Below Deck’ cast members celebrate sobriety

João Franco from Below Deck Mediterranean also announced that he is sober. He shared in a series of Instagram posts that he was pursuing a life without substances, namely alcohol.

“I’ll tell you what… A hangover,” he shared on Instagram about the defining moment. “One that’s lasted 3 days! Demons… Alcohol. I’ve decided I hate this feeling! I seriously hate it! I should be the happiest I have ever been and yet I feel insecure, questioning my purpose, or more so, what I’m doing with my time that is important and how much of my time on this earth I am spending on unimportant things.”

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2/3- (see previous post first:) A few things have come to light recently that I have been finding hard to deal with. One of these issues is from so long ago. But seeing myself in that light made me question my self worth and my choices. Back then but again now. Another issue, more recent and beyond my control. Somewhat unfair. An obstacle that could potentially slow me down for years… We are given signs that we choose to see or ignore. I have certainly been given my fair share of signs. They come to me in different ways. Some are a blatant smack in my face, like getting in trouble with the law or waking up with torn clothes, blood and gashes all over my body, some blood stains not my own. Broken knuckles and no idea of how it happened. Or watching my actions on a TV show, knowing very well that I would have handled situations very differently if I was sober. Some signs more subtle, maybe through other people like @captainsandrayawn giving me light on when and why she made her decision to quit alcohol. The people close to me, telling me that I have so much potential to be great, I just need not fuck it up by going to jail or having a car accident. Not just killing me but all those involved too. Or worse- I live and others die. I go through waves. I reflect and calm down for a few months and then something gets me on the road to inevitable doom again. I SOMEHOW miss a date with the devil and come back to my senses, all to start the process again. I have been told a countless amount of times that I have an endless supply of lives because SOMEBODY just keeps the lives coming! But why?? I should have died this weekend with my actions. I should have died a month ago on my way to Victoria falls when I drove with my best mates in the car. I can count at least 10 times a year that I should have died. So why am I still here? …. next post… #changeyourlife #changeyourmindset

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Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Med also celebrates decades of sobriety. She revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she struggled in her teens and early twenties with alcohol. “I was a mess,” she said. “By the grace of God, I’m alive. No matter how much money you have, it’s not going to save your life if you are an addict or an alcoholic. And I was a major addict and alcoholic.”