‘Below Deck’: Eddie Lucas Jokes About Working With 1 Crew Member as Long as He Could ‘Kick Him in the Nuts’

Below Deck cast members are always asked who they would choose to be part of their “dream team.”

Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas
Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas|Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

While bosun Eddie Lucas had some obvious “go to” crew members he joked about working with Kelley Johnson again. “I’d like Kelley back as long as I could kick him in the nuts as well,” Lucas said in a Bravo digital original. In a way, Lucas likely isn’t kidding.

Johnson got extremely drunk one night and dragged on deck the next day. “I just want to start this off with a very sincere apology to Eddie (Lucas)!” Johnson told Starry Constellation Magazine. “If I would have known what grief I caused him, I would have acted much differently.” 

“I always respected Eddie,” Johnson continued. “I strived to be as good as a bosun as he was to me. He was very much lead from the front type of guy. He never asked you to do anything he wouldn’t do.” 

Who else is on Eddie Lucas and Captain Lee’s dream team list?

Lucas and Captain Lee Rosbach were asked which crew members would be ideal to be the crew if they were the charter guest.

Obviously, former chief stew Kate Chastain made Lucas’ list. But she’s also always been number one for Rosbach. “Ben, of course, I’d want Ben serving me,” Lucas said. Both Rosbach and Lucas agreed that deckhand Connie Arias is a must for their crew list. “I’d love to have Connie back on,” Lucas said.

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Rosbach revealed that Arias was the biggest prankster on board. “She had such a sense of humor,” Rosbach said during a Stars Marketing Group live event in December 2019. “Connie would get up in the morning and she would watch one of the deckhands. And she knew which leg of his shorts he put on first.”

“So then she’d sew the other [leg] and she watched him try to get into it and he’d be stumbling and then fall over,” he laughed. “That’s not the end of it because he’d go to put on his shoes. But she’d put toothpaste in his shoes.”

Who made Eddie Lucas and Captain Lee’s naughty list?

Rosbach joked about how quickly he could name crew members he wouldn’t want to serve him. “Dane [Jackson],” he said. “I think Rocky [Dakota] would be a hard pass.”

“Shane [Coopersmith], I don’t know,” Lucas said. “He’s a great kid but …” Rosbach interrupted him, “That would be another hard pass.”

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Not mentioned on their list was chef Rachel Hargrove. Rosbach shared that Hargrove was one of the talented chefs he’s ever had on board one of his yachts. However, she hinted that she and Lucas’ relationship goes terribly wrong.

“It’s really bad,” Hargrove told Decider about Lucas. “But I’m one of those where I just hash it out or I walk off. I don’t care. I’m one of those. Where I’m like, ‘Mm. Is it something personal?’”

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