‘Below Deck’: Eddie Lucas Knows Some People Are Calling Him ‘Such an A**Hole’ This Season

Bosun Eddie Lucas from Below Deck understands that some fans see him as being too grumpy this season, but he says there’s a reason why he and the crew may act a little gruff on the show.

Eddie Lucas
Eddie Lucas | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“If someone’s watching the show and then being like, ‘Oh, man, Eddie’s such an a**hole. Why is he being so short? Why is he so impatient right now?’” Lucas told Bravo. “It’s like, well, that’s because I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep in the past week, and I’ve been scrubbing teak decks ‘til my fingers are bleeding, and I put my back out pulling the slide up.”

Eddie Lucas shocked the ‘Below Deck’ during season 3

Lucas recognized that his return meant redemption from his last season on the show. He was always a hard worker and did his job well, but tried to have a secret affair with stew Rocky Dakota and it blew up in his face. She took the romance public and he staunchly denied it. He finally came clean during the last night of the season, which shocked the crew.

“First of all, shock,” Stew Amy Johnson told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “And almost like, ‘I don’t believe you’ [she said about Dakota’s claims the two hooked up].”

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“Unfortunately, I’ve learned a lot about Eddie’s character through that situation,” Johnson added. “But, I think everyone has a little side where everyone loves Eddie. Eddie is a great, likable guy. He’s really funny and wonderful.”

Eddie Lucas returned to ‘Below Deck’ with a fresh outlook

“I felt like I had learned a lot over the past five years from the mistakes I’ve made,” Lucas told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I came back into it like, ‘You know, this is a good time for me to come back.”

“I’m in a good place in my career,” he continued. “My family is in a good place right now. They’re all healthy, they’re happy. And I’m in a good place personally, in my private life and everything. So I’m ready to dive back into this and show viewers that the mistakes I made on season 3 are not what defines me.”

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“And I’m not going to let them define me,” he added. “I’m going to come back and be like, ‘Okay, let’s make some coin. Let’s do some hard work. And let’s bring Below Deck back to when I first came into it as a show about yachting. Not just about f**king and fighting.”

His ‘Below Deck’ return was about the job and not the drama

Lucas told Bravo he wanted to return to do the job and not repeat the past.

“My top priority, of course, in going into the season was doing my job the best I could,” he said. He then added that “everything else was on the way, way, way back burner.”

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“Obviously, if something came around that really knocked me off my feet, I would go about it in a different way than I did in the past,” he said. “But chances of that happening were slim. Very, very slim.”

Lucas also revealed that he is dating someone back home too.  “I’ll say that I do have someone special in my life, but that’s about as far as I’m gonna go with it,” he said. “I’ve realized now there’s things in my life that could be damaged from being too public. And because of that, it’s best if I just keep it close to my chest and I protect my private and personal life very adamantly, so that’s important.”