‘Below Deck’: Eddie Lucas Left a Crew Dinner Early Due To Loud and Drunken Behavior During Season 1

Bosun Eddie Lucas from Below Deck looked horrified when chef Rachel Hargrove got drunk and when table-hopping during a crew night out at dinner. But this isn’t the first time Lucas was mortified with the crew at dinner.

Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas
Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas | Ali Goodwin/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“Crew nights out are supposed to be about the crew,” he explained in the Below Deck After Show. “Have some fun. Have some drinks, come together as a crew. And it went fine at first but then when enough of the souse got into Rachel, she becomes a different person. And it’s rude and classless.”

Lucas is clearly annoyed and embarrassed by Hargrove’s behavior. But he explained in the After Show that he didn’t dare say anything because he didn’t want to create drama and then she would quit again.

Lucas was just a deckhand on Below Deck Season 1 when he decided to walk away from dinner because the crew was being way too loud and far too drunk.

Eddie Lucas was horrified with the crew’s drunken behavior during season 1

Lucas explained during season 1 that he was already frustrated and annoyed with a few crew members. Then, when they got drunk and loud at dinner he couldn’t deal with it any longer.

“My frustration with the crew’s actions in public had been brewing for awhile, and it finally boiled over at this dinner,” he told Bravo in 2013. “I was really embarrassed and ashamed for the way the crew was acting in a public space where other people were trying to enjoy dinner also. I’m all about having fun and enjoying my time, but not at the sake of others’ comfort. I just want to see more respect for each other and those that are around us while in public.”

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Stew Kat Held got pretty drunk at dinner and started shouting. But then first officer Aleks Taldykin referred to Captain Lee Rosbach as “captain dipsh*t.” The entire crew piled on, which also bothered Lucas.

“When I go out to dinner, I want to have a nice time,” Lucas said in a confessional. “And not be embarrassed.” Lucas looked ashamed while listening to the crew scream at the table. Lucas then excused himself and said he needed to get back to the boat. He left before his meal arrived.

“We’re a team,” he said. “You’re out there screaming, cursing. Just acting like a complete idiot, it’s terrible. I can’t go out with them anymore.”

Eddie Lucas is embarrassed again by public drunkenness

Lucas said Hargrove’s behavior “pissed me off.” He added, “I know myself and once I lose patience, which was already running very thin with her, is I’m gonna be pretty blunt and rude.”

He ended up confiding in chief stew Francesca Rubi about his annoyance. “For her to piss off Eddie so much like that really like made me disrespect her even more,” Rubi added in the After Show. “Because you don’t do that to crew members, you know?”

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Hargrove laughed off the evening, saying she has a propensity to talk to everybody. “Normally I talk to everybody,” she said. “I’m super gregarious. I can’t help it.”