‘Below Deck’: Eddie Lucas Names the Very Worst (and Best) Crew Members Ever

Eddie Lucas named Below Deck crew members that left the worst and best impression on him through the years. Not surprisingly, Lucas recalled his experience with deckhand Dane Jackson from season 3 as being the absolute worst. He also made remarks about former chief stew Adrienne Gang that perhaps clear up why he walked away from her on the beach during season 2.

But he also named which crew members he loved working with and who he thinks did a great job.

Eddie Lucas says Dane Jackson is the very worst crew member he worked with on the show.

While playing a game on the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast, he had to choose if he’d throw Jackson or Shane Coopersmith overboard. “Dane!” he replied. “I’ll throw him overboard any day of the week. Dane is probably one of the worst people I’ve ever worked with.”

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck names some of his favorite and least favorite crew members of all time
Eddie Lucas from Below Deck names some of his favorite and least favorite crew members of all time |Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Jackson arrived as a replacement deckhand on Below Deck Season 3. He drank to excess and became belligerent and threatening during a crew night getaway. Lucas had to send Jackson back to the yacht and Captain Lee Rosbach fired him the next day.

“Like a horrible person,” Lucas continued recalling Jackson’s behavior. “When he almost got into a fight over the bottle he stole from behind the bar.”

He recalled that Adrienne Gang said ‘Below Deck’ was her idea

Lucas also did not have fond memories of working with Gang. When she made a brief appearance with guests during season 2, Lucas is seen driving a tender to shore to pick up the guests. He sees Gang and immediately turns and swims back to the tender.

He said Gang was the first person he met at the hotel before Below Deck Season 1 started shooting. “When I first met her, I thought she was like, a big deal like producer or something because the way she was like talking,” he recalled. “I met her at the hotel and I remember, like, kind of like seeing her talking to an EP and she was like on the EP like – just like totally coming down on her. And I was like, whoa, like, she seems like a big deal, don’t want to mess with her. Like, totally intimidating. Like, scared me. And [I’m] like, stay away from that one.”

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“And then found out later that she told me that [Below Deck] was like her idea and that this was like her baby, that she is the one who worked on [it],” he continued. “She named the yacht. She did this, this, this, this. And then I had come to find out that that was all pretty much like hot air. But it was like, I remember meeting her and I was like, ‘Oh jeez, and what have I got myself into?’ This is crazy.”

Who were some of his favorite ‘Below Deck’ crew members?

Lucas named which crew members he enjoyed on Below Deck. He said C.J. LeBeau was good at his job, he just needed to respect authority. He also truly loved working with David Bradberry and said he’s still close friends with Bradberry.

But when it came to who he’d want to be stuck on an island with? “I’d like to say Dave,” he mused. “Because he’s my brother from another mother. But Connie [Arias] was also amazing. She was so great to work with, such a hard worker. She’s a really great fisher so she could catch fish also. I think I’d go with Connie. I would love to work with Connie again.”

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