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Second stew Emily Warburton-Adams from Below Deck seemed to have a copasetic working relationship with chief stew Kate Chastain —or so viewers thought.

Kate Chastain, Emily Warburton-Adams, Sierra Storm, Ben Robinson from 'Below Deck'
Kate Chastain, Emily Warburton-Adams, Sierra Storm, Ben Robinson |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Warburton-Adams recently revealed that she and Chastain worked well together but experienced some awkwardness and tension after the season wrapped. Although they seemed to gel, viewers saw an uncomfortable blip when Warburton-Adams noticed that (then) boyfriend chef Ben Robinson and Chastain still had chemistry.

She knew the two hooked up at one point. And while Chastain seemed supportive of Robinson’s relationship with Warburton-Adams, Robinson and Chastain’s “married couple” relationship made her uncomfortable.

Tension mounted post-season

Bravo caught up with Warburton-Adams and she shared that her relationship with Chastain didn’t become strained until later. But she insists the two never had an easy relationship. Warburton-Adams adds that she wouldn’t go out of her way to see Chastain today.

“It mainly came after the season,” Warburton-Adams explains. “On the show, there were a few things obviously at the end when she started flagging things I’d done wrong. Which caused a little bit of a rift.”

“But mostly after that was post-filming when things happened a little bit,” she admits. Although she dropped this huge hint, Warburton-Adams decided to avoid dishing on details. But added, “There were a few rough waters there.”

Does she know the key to working well with Chastain?

Unfortunately, Warburton-Adams didn’t have a formula for how to work best with Chastain. “I don’t have the secret because you never really know what you’re going to expect,” she says. Adding, “She’s a very clever lady who knows how to do her job. And knows the show backwards. That’s all I’m going to say.”

She was able to comment on the crews’ assertion that Captain Lee Robach gave Chastain preferential treatment. “I think there’s some favoritism there over some other crew members,” she admits. “They have a very strong relationship. I got on with Captain Lee, he’s fair. He’s a fair man, but they are good at working together.”

Warburton-Adams was also disappointed her season didn’t receive a reunion. She cited some of the drama aspects, but also her relationship with Robinson too, which would have been nice to hash out with a mediator.

Another crew member also had an issue with Chastain post-season

Nico Scholly, who also worked with Warburton-Adams during season 4 shared he also didn’t have a good encounter with Chastain post-season. Scholly joined other cast members during the Below Deck 100th anniversary episode in January.


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He and Chastain had a good working relationship on the show, but he had a negative encounter with her during the 100th-anniversary episode. “That night of the 100th episode in New York, I had a really bad experience with her, which me and her have always been friendly,” he said. “But I don’t know what her problem was that night, I think she was kinda a little bit agitated about something that happened that night. But definitely, when me and my girlfriend were talking to her she was not having it.”