‘Below Deck’: Gabriela Says Ashley ‘Tap Danced on My Tombstone’ – Received Death Threat

Gabriela Barragan from Below Deck Sailing Yacht reflected on her departure, sharing that Ashley Marti essentially danced on her grave as she departed the boat.

Barragan quit at the end of the last episode after struggling to connect with the crew. She told Captain Glenn Shephard that the environment wasn’t healthy for her and left. Tension had been building over the past few charters with chef Marcos Spaziani. But almost instantly, Marti became competitive with her when Barragan was given the second stew position.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Ashley tap danced on Gabriela’s grave

Marti looked lowkey happy when Barragan departed the boat, which was pretty apparent. “I mean, talk about tap dancing on someone’s tombstone!” Barragan laughed when she was a guest on the Instagram Pita Party. “Like I was leaving and I saw almost everyone was like, ‘Aww.’ [But] I could see that sly grin spread around her face.”

Ashley Marti and Gabriela Barragan 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Season 3 cast photos
Ashley Marti and Gabriela Barragan |Laurent Basset/Bravo

“Well, she doesn’t hide it!” chief stew Daisy Kelliher exclaimed. Adding, “And that’s why I think in the episode she would say these really awful things and people would do this awkward laugh. Because you’re like ‘What the f***?’ You’re like, ‘I guess you don’t like her so …'”

Daisy had no idea Ashley didn’t like Gabriela on ‘Below Deck’

Kelliher acknowledged how Marti’s behavior toward Barragan was pretty off-putting. “Obviously it was very rude what she said,” Kelliher said. “That’s not right.”

Barragan agreed and added that she had no idea Marti didn’t like her. “She was really nice to my face,” Barragan said. “And that’s why we weren’t telling Daisy. We were telling Daisy everything was fine. I genuinely thought everything was fine.” Pita Party co-host Alli Dore said she observed how Barragan would confide in Marti so it was clear she didn’t know Marti didn’t like her.

“Ashley never told me there was a problem either,” Kelliher said. “In the off time, she’d say, “I don’t like the way Gabriela speaks to me.’ But that was really the extent of it.” Kelliher would remind Marti that Barragan was second stew and there wasn’t much more to add to her remark. “It wasn’t like they were arguing during nights out,” Kelliher added. “Or screaming at each other. There was none of that.”

Gabriela received ‘her first’ death threat

Many Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers embraced Barragan until the last few episodes. Some fans turned on her when she had tension with Spaziani and she made a few sarcastic remarks during crew nights out. Her dry sense of humor fell flat during the crew day off when she joked about the crew’s getaway villa being her house and the crew needed to leave soon.

Some fans took their ire too far and Barragan said she received a death threat shortly after her final episode. “I got my first death threat today!” she laughed. Kelliher added that while she’s received nasty direct messages, she hasn’t gotten a death threat. But Dore pointed out that even Shephard has gotten death threats.

Barragan recapped the intensity of the message, adding that the person included some extreme language. “It was a novel of a DM, a stream of consciousness,” Barragan said. “And at the end [the person wrote], ‘I hope your plane crashes and you die.'” She added, “I was laughing, kind of like Daisy, she laughs when she gets a little bit uncomfortable. So I was reading this aloud to [boyfriend] Wes [O’Dell] and Kaya and I was cracking up and they were both horrified.”

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