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Below Deck Galley Talk hit all the right notes when the new series debuted on Friday, Jan. 1.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

For the first time, fan-favorite crew members got together on couches and in homes throughout the world to dish about the latest episode of Below Deck. They gave their hot takes, but also shared personal stories, which added to the fun and whimsy of the series.

While show ratings are not in yet, fan comments on Twitter were overwhelmingly positive with Below Deck fans saying, “yes please” and “keep it coming.”

The crew shared some fun revelations

Connie Arias and Kelley Johnson both commented on how they missed working with bosun Eddie Lucas. Kate Chastain wondered if she’d ever fired a stew (she hadn’t) and Colin Macy-O’Toole joked that Francesca Rubi asking new deckhand Robert Phillip’s question about fly fishing was really code for sex.

Chastain also offered this fun fact: Captain Lee Rosbach’s radio is a meter for his emotions. “If it’s here to his head, it means he’s pissed,” she said gesturing to Rosbach putting the radio to his head. “If he’s out on deck swinging it by the antenna, he’s looking to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Johnson said watching the deckhands struggle with the slide gave him “PTSD.” While munching on a bowl of Pez candy, Macy-O’Toole joked that he used to just have bosun João Franco handle the slide.

Chastain also noted that friend chef Rachel Hargrove tends to jump ship once every three months. She also said she’s friends with former stew Laura Betancourt (you need to check yourself) too.

Josiah Carter said Elizabeth Frankini needs to do less talking and work more. Of course, the entire group of former crew members were in awe of Hargrove’s outstanding meal. “She smashed it, b*tch!” Carter exclaimed. He also commented that Frankini’s cabin was where he and Chastain bunked.

The crew also agreed that the entire hot tub would need to be bleached after naked guests frolicked in the steamy bath. Chastain exclaimed that she wants to be the charter guests’ new best friends. “I love him so much,” she said about the primary guest.

Viewer are in love with ‘Below Deck Galley Talk’

It’s official: viewers love Below Deck Galley Talk. Many took to Twitter to share how entertained they were with the show. “I had tears from laughter after seeing @Kate_Chastain and her goat face,” one person commented.

Another person raved, “#GalleyTalk is the actual best thing to happen to the #BelowDeck franchise in ages. So fun to have a #ThePeoplesCouch with some favorite yachties.”


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“I think that this show should aired sooner in season,” another fan wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, others wondered if perhaps the crew could continue the show but review past seasons. “A very entertaining hour of bravo TV. As has been mentioned it’s basically pillow talk for bravo. So much better than the other show the ‘chat room’ which is barely watchable,” a Twitter fan added.

Below Deck Galley Talk is on Friday at 7/6c on Bravo.