‘Below Deck’: Has Every Season Had a Boatmance?

Jessica More and Rob Westergaard from Below Deck Mediterranean are the latest Below Deck couple to have a boatmance that went sour. While Below Deck hookups seem to be an anticipated part of the show, do they occur during every season?

 Kate Chastain, Emily Warburton-Adams, Sierra Storm, Ben Robinson
Kate Chastain, Emily Warburton-Adams, Sierra Storm, Ben Robinson | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Pretty much. Even Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s first season had a rocky boatmance between chief stew Jenna MacGillivray and chef Adam Glick. They barely made it off the boat together and MacGillivray recently shared the two no longer speak.

Some boatmances are intense, like More and Westergaard. But other romantic encounters are more along the lines of a hookup, which sometimes ends up being a messy situation.

These ‘Below Deck’ couples thought they’d make it after the season ended

More and Westergaard barely made it to Bali and then promptly ended their relationship. But other couples offered some optimism that perhaps they’d continue their romance after the season ended.

After massive amounts of flirting, deckhand Jennice Ontiveros finally gave in to second engineer Kelley Johnson’s charms on Below Deck season 2. She talked about moving in with him on land, which is when he pumped the brakes.

Brian de Saint Pern, Courtney Skippon
Brian de Saint Pern, Courtney Skippon | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

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Another couple Below Deck fans rooted for was chef Ben Robinson and second stew Emily Warburton-Adams. The couple ended up dating for several months after their season together ended. They ultimately went their separate way but remained friends.

Bosun Nico Scholly made second stew Brianna Adekeye think they might continue a romance on land. But he returned to his girlfriend before leaving the boat. Although it was a short boatmance, third stew Laura Betancourt dated deckhand Ashton Pienaar.

Deckhand Brian de Saint Pern courted second stew Courtney Skippon. But that relationship quickly soured when the former couple warred on Twitter.

‘Below Deck Med’ couples were even more complicated

The first big boatmance on Below Deck Mediterranean was between Glick and deckhand Malia White … and bosun Wesley Walton. Glick and White started a romance on land before the season began shooting. They didn’t tell producers about the affair, but then White caught feelings for Walton, which complicated everything. White and Glick finally came clean on camera, but White chose Walton.

Glick isn’t the only boyfriend White has had on the show. Chef Tom Checketts joined the boat mid-season and he and White had been dating for a year. While they made it through the season, they recently split up.

Aesha Scott
Aesha Scott |Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

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Another rocky love triangle was between deckhand João Franco, second stew Brooke Laughton, and third stew Kasey Cohen. While Franco never dated Cohen, he still flirted with her while he dated Laughton on the show. Franco and Laughton broke up shortly after filming ended. Also, chief stew Hannah Ferrier and bosun Conrad Empson dated that season, which caused headaches for Captain Sandy Yawn.

Second stew Aesha Scott and deckhand Jack Stirrup had probably the most playful romance on the show. While they got along swimmingly, they broke up when Stirrup returned to his former girlfriend.

And then there were just hook ups

Not every romantic encounter on the boat ended in a coupling. Third stew Samantha Orme and second engineer C.J. LeBeau had a whirlwind romance on Below Deck season 1. But so did Robinson and third stew Tiffany Copeland on Below Deck Med season 1.

Not many Below Deck fans can forget the laundry room hookups between third stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota and bosun Eddie Lucas during season 3. Also, deckhands Rhylee Gerber and Tyler Rowland got cozy when they shared a cabin during Below Deck season 6.

Rhylee Gerber, Tyler Rowland
Rhylee Gerber, Tyler Rowland | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

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Stew Simone Mashile and deckhand Tanner Sterback hooked up a few times on Below Deck season 7. Later Sterback tried to hook up with chief stew Kate Chastain but it only got as far as a quick peck.

While deckhand Alex Radcliffe and chief stew Christine “Bugsy” Drake wouldn’t exactly be considered just a hookup, they kept their Below Deck Med relationship on the PG side and remain friends.