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Could Kate Chastain be returning to Below Deck to reclaim her chief stew title? Some fans believe that not only she could return to the series, but she’s also currently filming season 9.

Kate Chastain on 'Below Deck'
Kate Chastain | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

While fans mourned her departure from the show, her sudden disappearance from Bravo’s Chat Room fueled new hope within the fandom. Some fans couldn’t help but connect the timing of Chastain’s departure from Chat Room with Below Deck‘s filming schedule.

Some ‘Below Deck’ fans wonder if she returned for season 9

One fan posted a survey on Twitter to see how likely it was that Chastain was returning to Below Deck. “Kate is quitting her chat room show. The timing is right for her to come back to BD filming next season. Do you think she will be back for season 9?” Most fans in the survey did not think Chastain was going to return to the series.

But many fans are still holding out hope. “[Kate Chastain] please tell me you’re leaving the chat room because you’re on a super yacht filming next seasons #belowdeck ?!? We need you Kate!!” another person tweeted.

Another person wondered if Chastain was returning to Below Deck since she is a producer of Chat Room. “Trying to wrap my head around this because my understanding is that Chat Room was part of a production slate Kate had with Bravo. Is she returning to Below Deck?” the fan shared on Twitter.

Is it likely Kate Chastain would return to ‘Below Deck?’

When Chastain retired, she said she took her chief stew career as far as it would go. She was ready to move onto new horizons and embark upon new projects. Of course, a pandemic may have thrown a wrench into plans. She tried her hand as a Sirius XM radio host and launched a dating show on Bravo, Ghosted.

She also threw some pretty heavy shade at new chief stew Francesca Rubi during season 8. But is returning to the show in the cards for her? She recently joked about the only way she’d return. “I have an idea of how this is going to work,” she told ET during an interview alongside Josiah Carter. “Josiah, I think you should be chief stew next season, and I would come back to be the third stew.”


‘Below Deck’: Josiah Carter Reveals He Was Boarding a Plane to Join the Season 8 Crew

Carter was close to returning to the show. He revealed that Captain Lee Rosbach had called him to replace outgoing stew Elizabeth Frankini. Carter was about to board the plane for Antigua and Rosbach called him only minutes before he boarded. The season ended up being cancelled due to the pandemic.

For now, Chastain is being pretty tight-lipped about her future plans. She hasn’t publicly spoken about her departure from Chat Room. Plus, Below Deck Galley Talk has also ended on Bravo.