‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain Reveals Several ‘Firsts’ for Captain Lee When the Drunk Charter Guest Jumped Into the Water

Kate Chastain knew what was coming when drunk Below Deck charter guest Delores jumped into the water after Captain Lee Rosbach told her to stop.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain
Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“She embarrassed herself,” Chastain pointed out during Below Deck Galley Talk. “And she embarrassed the boat. She disrespected the boat, she disrespected his leadership. Plane ticket.” Rosbach’s rule for the crew has always been if you embarrass yourself or the boat, you get a plane ticket AKA fired.

“Two rules,” Connie Arias added. Chastain said, “Delores is getting a plane ticket!” While the crew watched the event unfold, many saw quite a few “firsts” from Rosbach. Especially Chastain, who worked for Rosbach for six seasons.

Kate Chastain has never seen Captain Lee point his finger when he’s mad

“You’re done,” Amy Johnson said about Delores. Chastain said jumping in the water was just an act of disrespect. “No one wants to swim that bad,” she commented. Kelley Johnson shared when Rosbach is storming around the boat he’s “running.”

The crew, many who have worked for Rosbach, observed that Rosbach was firey mad. Of course, the comment “Can I have some bacon” from the charter guest put the crew over the edge, laughing and in shock.

Chastain noted one first for Rosbach. “Get your ass out of the water,” she said in her Rosbach voice. She observed that Rosbach was pointing at the guest. “When he has his finger like this,” she gestured. “I’ve never seen that.”

Colin Macy-O’Toole and Bobby Giancola said it was a bad move on the guest’s part to start talking about how much she paid too. “Don’t start talking about money girl,” Macy-O’Toole said.

Kate Chastain wished she could have bounced ‘Krystal’ off the boat

The crew gasped when Rosbach said the group’s charter just ended. “He’s never done that,” Arias said. Chastain said she wished he had, especially when it came to another drunk guest during season 6. Adding, “I’ve never seen that look on his face.”

“I’ve actually never seen him this mad,” Josiah Carter said. “And believe me, I’ve seen him very mad.”

Chastain said bouncing the group off the boat is what she wanted to do to “Krystal” from season 6. Krystal and her friends were the last group of charter guests during season 6. Krystal became so drunk and belligerent she insisted on passing out and sleeping on the aft deck. Krystal’s friends suggested the crew just allow her to sleep off the booze on deck but that would mean Chastain and Carter would have had to stay up all night.


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“Get the hose out, I didn’t care,” Chastain said during Galley Talk. Production flashed back to the scene where Carter and Chastain could not get the guest to budge.

“It’s a very stressful season,” Carter observed of the latest Below Deck episode. Giancola wondered if a charter had ever been stopped midway. Rosbach actually ended only one other charter early. The first guests on season 1 brought illegal drugs on board. Rosbach cut their charter short and kicked them off the boat.

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