‘Below Deck’ Reunion Strikes Sour Note With Fans

Below Deck fans called foul over the season 8 reunion, with many sharing they got the short end of the stick this year.

Andy Cohen, Francesca Rubi, Eddie Lucas on 'WWHL'
Andy Cohen, Francesca Rubi, Eddie Lucas | Bravo

In addition to production being cut short thanks to Covid-19 (coronavirus), some fans expressed disappointment with the hour-long virtual reunion that didn’t seem to do a complete deep dive into the season. Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment, feeling let down by the lackluster reunion.

‘Rushed’ and ‘boring’ seemed to be the consensus

The overall feeling was that the reunion felt rushed and even a little boring. “That #BelowDeck #reunion was the worst EVER…and it had nothing to do with being virtual (as many waaaaay better reunions have also been virtual). Far too rushed, rehashed all the same points, boringgggg,” one person tweeted the following day.

Reunions are usually grounds for some wild fights. But fans noticed that everyone seemed to gloss over topics and even quickly apologize. Chef Rachel Hargrove and bosun Eddie Lucas teased they had serious tension this season. While Lucas griped about Hargrove in confessionals, they never came to verbal blows. While they addressed his remarks about her, they both agreed to come together. Lucas told Hargrove she’s the best chef he’s ever worked with and she returned the compliment.

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“[Below Deck] reunion was boring. Seemed like everyone just quickly apologized and moved on to the next topic,” a fan noted on Twitter. Not everyone completely resolved their differences. Elizabeth Frankini seemed to be frustrated that she couldn’t really convey how bullied she felt by Francesca Rubi and Ashling Lorger.

“#Francesca made up her mind about #Liz once she heard her talking about her and did everything she could to target her and ice her out. That said, I’m not sad #Liz got fired and would not like either of them to get a 2nd season. Chess looks great #reunion though,” a fan tweeted.

Fans were distracted by Elizabeth Frankini’s gown

Frankini chose a gorgeous multi-colored, turtleneck gown for the Zoom reunion. And while the dress was stunning in photos, some fans didn’t think it translated well to the Zoom layout.

“I’m catching up on the #BelowDeck Reunion this morning and I’m wondering what figure skating competition Elizabeth might be in?” a viewer shared on Twitter. “Seriously though, her outfit is so distracting!”

Ice skating comparisons were in abundance during the reunion. “#BelowDeck #liz reunion look looks like she is going perform at the Olympics for ice skating or gymnastics,” another person tweeted.

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However, Frankini viewed the dress as a positive nod to the season. “May every storm in your life be followed by a rainbow,” she shared on Instagram along with photos of the dress.

Another “distraction” was James Hough’s dogs in the background of the reunion. “Anyone else mesmerized by James’s 2 dogs in the background of the reunion taping?” a fan tweeted. And while the women were decked out for the event, some fans noticed that Hough didn’t put in much effort for the reunion. “Way to get dressed up for the reunion, James,” another person tweeted.