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Below Deck Sailing Yacht guests Rhett Kenagy and Janelle Flatt said chef Marcos Spaziani was an incredible chef and were mortified when Charles Sanders complained about the food.

They were so upset, Flatt said they felt the need to profusely apologize for Sanders’ behavior when he whined about how the food was “gross” at one point during the charter.

Janelle apologized to Chef Marcos for the ‘acting’

“He’s an amazing chef, he really is,” Flatt said on Another Below Deck Podcast. “He made [Kenagy] two steaks. I don’t eat red meat, but he made me a fish and just a whole bunch of stuff. I ended up going down to the galley after I’d heard that the display was being done. The acting.”

Chef Marcos Spaziani from 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' prepares food in the galley kitchen
Chef Marcos Spaziani | Laurent Basset/Bravo

“And Susan [Mobley], and I went down there and I apologized profusely to him,” she continued. “Telling him how sorry I was that he was having to deal with that. And that not everybody felt like that. And we were so appreciative of them. And thank you so much for doing it and making multiple steaks.

“We didn’t want him to feel the way he had to have been feeling,” she added. “Because he is impeccable and he’s amazing in the way he does his food it’s just delicious.”

The food was amazing, Rhett and Janelle said

Kenagy and Flatt couldn’t say enough about Spazinai’s talent as a chef. “The food was amazing,” Kenagy remarked. “I mean, Marcos was great. We actually had many conversations with Marcos that he wanted to start a new restaurant. We talked to him about doing a restaurant with him in L.A. He wanted to start a new one.”

Flatt and Kenagy had been in Los Angeles, but couldn’t make a meetup happen. But he added, “The gentleman is amazing.” And “He’s such a good guy.”

Chef Marcos Spaziani cooked while injured too

“There are some people that are a master at their craft and you can look at their resume and it speak for themselves,” Kenagy said. “This guy was the personal chef for the Clintons for like six years. He was the chef for the Kardashians. He cooked for Shakira, for like three years. I mean, when you look at his resume of whose houses he cooks in on a daily basis and how much they love him, right? I mean, granted, they’ve got big names, but people pay him. So obviously he’s pretty good. He’s the real deal.”


Below Deck’s Gary King Reveals Chef Marcos Kept His Torn, Bloody Scalp Under His Pillow

Not only did Spaziani deliver on the food, but he also did so while injured. While prepping for dinner, he grazed his head on the ceiling in the bilge. He emerged from the bilge looking dazed and bleeding, a portion of his skull in his hands. Captain Glenn Shephard called a physician to treat Spaziani and he was seriously worried the injury was so severe it could sideline the chef.

Thankfully the injury, while shocking, was somewhat of a surface wound. The doctor patched him up and he continued to push through and work, albeit being in pain. He recently shared if the injury fully healed. He tweeted that it took a few weeks for his head to heal and he rebounded nicely.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is on Monday at 8 pm ET on Bravo.