‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Charter Guest Erica Rose Is From ‘the Bachelor’ but Also ‘Married to Medicine Houston’

Erica Rose from The Bachelor will be the co-primary charter guest on the next episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht and dished about how the crew truly does talk sh*t about her group.

“And let the sh*t talking begin,” Rose shared on Instagram when she was revealed as the latest charter guest. Adding, “Maybe don’t get into yachting if you have zero patience.” Indeed, first mate Gary King and chief engineer Colin Macrae are busted talking smack about the guests and the guests are not amused. Rose has yet to arrive on Parsifal III which just experienced the worst crash in the series history.

Erica Rose attends The Bachelor season 19 premiere in 2015
Erica Rose attends The Bachelor season 19 premiere in 2015 |Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Who is ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ charter guest Erica Rose from ‘The Bachelor’ but also ‘Married to Medicine’?

Captain Glenn Shephard only said that Rose dabbled in reality television but did not share that Rose was a contestant on The Bachelor. She appeared during season 9 but was eliminated by the third week, according to Fandom. Rose returned to Bachelor Nation twice – during seasons 2 and 5 of Bachelor Pad. She was eliminated by the fifth week in both seasons.

She may be known for on The Bachelor, but the Watch What Crappens podcast team recalled how Rose’s mother was on Married to Medicine Houston.

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“I don’t think she was a full-time cast member, but she was on Married to Medicine Houston,” host Ben Mandelker explained. “And her mom Cindy Rose was the crazy lady who loves silhouettes.” Co-host Ronnie Karam replied, “Oh my gosh yes!” Mandelker concluded that this group of guests will be wild.

Cindy Rose was the CEO of a medical non-profit. She was “married to a plastic surgeon and world-famous portrait silhouette artist who uses surgical scissors to make accurate, detailed portraits.” The series had only a single season in 2016.

Why does Erica Rose say, ‘let the sh*t talking begin’ on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’?

The crew isn’t usually busted for talking about the charter guests behind their back. Unfortunately, Macrae and King aren’t very stealthy. “I reckon these girls are gonna be a pain in the a**,” Macrae says to King in a preview clip. King believes that the guests won’t be a pain for the deck crew, but he just hopes they get drunk and pass out.

But that’s when co-primary Jess Bryant Cimato comes over to bust them for talking about her group. “Are you guys talking sh*t about us,” she says. Macrae and King laugh it off but Cimato does not look amused.

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Cimato later tells chief stew Daisy Kelliher that she already hears people talking about her group. “Don’t worry, have fun, you’re going to be OK,” Kelliher tells her. “The crew are a great crew and this is your vacation.”

Kelliher assembles the crew in the laundry room to remind them about etiquette and talking about the guests. “The important thing is we have to remember that our job is to make them feel comfortable,” Kelliher reminds the crew.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.