Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Daisy Kelliher Shares the 1 Thing That Annoys Her About Seeing Herself on TV

Daisy Kelliher from Below Deck Sailing Yacht admitted that she cringes every time she hears herself say the word, “perfect” on the show.

She joked during a recent Instagram Pita Party episode that she didn’t want to watch the upcoming episode because of the number of times she says “perfect” in response to just about any request. “Oh my God, it’s so annoying!” she exclaimed in the video. “How has no one said anything? I didn’t even know I used that word!”

Daisy Kelliher from Below Deck Sailing Yacht on WWHL
Daisy Kelliher from Below Deck Sailing Yacht on WWHL |Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Daisy Kelliher has the ‘perfect’ response to seeing herself on TV

Alli Dore said she didn’t notice that Kelliher used the word and asked when did she use it. “All the time!” Kelliher said. “You’ll notice it now. Honestly, it’s so painful. ‘Do you want a drink? Yeah, can I have a coffee? Perfect!’ And it’s like, ‘Oh can I get you anything? Yeah, can I get a towel? Perfect!’ It’s painful. Like painful.”

“I’m like, getting a f**king thesaurus,” she, along with Dore and Dani Soares laughed. “Learn a new word.” Dore laughed and asked, “Do you wanna elaborate a little more?”

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What else makes Kelliher cringe? “They’re actually OK,” she said in an Instagram story about seeing herself on TV. “Not too much, obviously I hate the sound of my voice. I cringe a lot but the show’s kinda funny. I think I’m kinda funny, so I don’t mind it. Just a bit of fun.”

A fan replied that they liked Kelliher’s voice. “I’m glad you like my voice,” she laughed. “But loads of people hate my voice! I didn’t know it was annoying!”

Daisy Kelliher was nervous to film ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’

Kelliher shared she was “massively” nervous about filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“Yeah, massively,” she told Fox News about being filmed. “I was really worried about it joining the show. But you just don’t have any time to think because we are doing a real job and it is extremely fast-paced and high energy. [The cameras] just follow you and they’re very good about stepping out [of the way]. I can literally walk very, very fast and they will they’ll just get out of your way. You don’t need to stop for them. You don’t need to walk around them. They’re very professional and they let us get on with our job.”

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While Soares wasn’t extremely nervous to film, she admitted to Showbiz Cheat Sheet she didn’t know what to expect. “It’s funny because I was at the stage in my life, as you guys had seen on the last episode, where I had lost a very important person in my life. And I was like, yeah sure. Let’s do a TV show. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.”

Adding that she was a little nervous. “Because I had no idea of anything about what filming takes,” she remarked. “And I didn’t realize how many people there was, and how crazy it would be. Also that they would have cameras 24 hours. Microphones 24 hours. So yeah it was a bit of an adjustment. But it was interesting.”