‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Erica Rose and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow Were the Toughest Guests, but Who Left the Biggest Tip?

While the Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew admitted they’d “kill” Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and Erica Rose during their “f*ck, marry, kill” game, which guest left behind the biggest tip?

Both parties stayed for a longer amount of time than the usual two to three-day vacation. But the crew was let down when the Drewitt-Barlow group only left them a $15,000 tip. Rose’s group kept the crew on their toes too but ended up leaving the crew a $18,450 tip. “That’s $2,050 each,” Gary King calculated. The crew and Captain Glenn Shephard were a little stunned with the amount after they got busted for talking about the guests behind their backs – twice.

Captain Glenn Shephard waits for the guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht
Captain Glenn Shephard waits for the guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

‘Below Deck Sailing’ crew earned a higher tip but didn’t give their all

Shephard said he was happy with the tip. But chief stew Daisy Kelliher said, “I’m very surprised by that.” Indeed, prior to Shephard revealing the tip amount, he talked to the crew about being more discrete on charter.

“The guests left happy obviously,” Shephard told the crew during the tip meeting. “But I’m starting to see a few cracks in the process.” Shephard addressed crew meal timing, which chef Natasha de Bourg delivered late because the boat was heeling. She said she could not cook when the boat was on a tilt. Shephard suggested that de Bourg plan further ahead.

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“Even worse than that, there were a couple of situations where the guests overheard people speaking about them,” Shephard added. “Voices carry. Be discrete. We’re all, toward the end of the season. We’re all getting a little bit lax.” The crew agreed and stew Dani Soares noticed everyone was a bit slower this charter. Alli Dore added, “I think that makes us look amateur.” Shephard hoped the crew could rally for the last charter.

Why did Barrie Drewitt-Barlow tip $15,000?

Like Rose’s charter, the Drewitt-Barlow party also kept the crew running. But the food didn’t entirely meet Drewitt-Barlow’s expectations so he tipped lower than the usual amount. “It wasn’t our best one,” Shephard told the crew during the tip meeting. “And I think that’s reflected a little bit in the tip. Probably not as high considering all we did for them. So the tip is … $15,000. And that comes to about $1,660 each.”

Drewitt-Barlow seemed to be annoyed when the crew was disappointed with the tip amount, but also the fan reaction. “If things would have been better, the tip would have been better!” he replied to comments on an Instagram post. “Maybe next time it will be and I’ll leave more but right now, when people all over the world have no money, no jobs and no future, $15k is not something to look your nose down on! I wish someone would tip me that much Lol.”

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Kelliher initially felt as though de Bourg was responsible for the lower tip. “It’s bullsh*t,” she said in a confessional during a recent episode. “This is Natasha’s fault 1,000 percent.” But she later changed her mind.

“The tip was a result of bad service from everyone on the boat,” she later said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

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