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Chief stew Jenna MacGillivray from Below Deck Sailing Yacht recently reflected on the season, sharing that she would have suggested firing second stew Madison Stalker.

Andy Cohen, Georgia Grobler, Adam Glick, Jenna MacGillivray, Captain Glenn Shephard, Madison Stalker
Andy Cohen, Georgia Grobler, Adam Glick, Jenna MacGillivray, Captain Glenn Shephard, Madison Stalker |Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

MacGillivray became tearful and apologetic toward Stalker during the reunion, seemingly feeling remorse for causing Stalker to have anxiety and cry during the season. But later, in a Bravo digital original, MacGillivray seemed to walk back her position.

Bravo’s The Daily Dish asked MacGillivray how she thought things went with Stalker during the reunion. MacGillivray laughed and said, “The same as they always do.” She later admitted that she would have suggested to Captain Glenn Shephard that Stalker be fired and insists she did not bully her this season.

She doesn’t see a path to resolve the situation

MacGillivray says that she simply doesn’t see how they could ever really work together again, adding they are very “fire and ice.” She adds that she can’t be held responsible for Stalker feeling excluded during the season too.

“Tell me exactly how I bullied you to the extent that you felt that you needed to cry every night,” she says. “Or that I excluded you. Like I said we were all joking and laughing together all the time. And literally everyone but Madison and Parker [McCown] were on board with that.”

She wants to make it clear the crew was not joking about McCown and Stalker either. She says it wasn’t she was excluding Stalker. “I didn’t have anything in common with her,” she adds. “Madison equally didn’t like me and I wasn’t a fan of her personally. I wouldn’t ever want to work with someone like that. And she probably feels the same.”

She would have pushed to have had her fired

MacGillivray also does not think she bullied Stalker. “I think people interpreted things literally when it wasn’t like that,” MacGillivray says. “And she really does play the victim quite a lot. I’m just no longer taking it that I’m this vicious bully.”


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She was bothered by what transpired during the season during her road trip with chef Adam Glick. He suggested she reach out to Stalker. So MacGillivray sent her an apology. She recalls that Stalker agreed they shouldn’t have bad blood but then Stalker wanted to know why she wanted her to be fired. “I could never just have a conversation with Madison,” she concludes. “And so I tried, I really did. We had a phone call after the reunion, and she seemed to accept my apology, but then now still posting negative stuff about me on social media.”

Bottom line, MacGillivray thinks the season would have run smoother without Stalker. “I would have suggested firing Madison,” she says. “And people aren’t going to like hearing that. There’s too much going on. She should have been let go.” She adds she and Stalker have nowhere to go at this point. “I live my life, she lives her life. Hopefully, she’s happy. I wish nothing but happiness for anyone. I hope she does well in life.”