‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Returns With Captain Glenn and a Female Chef for Season 2

The Below Deck franchise continues to treat viewers to a year of nautical drama as Bravo announced Below Deck Sailing Yacht returns for season 2.

Captain Glenn Shephard
Captain Glenn Shephard |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“Bravo boards the Parsifal III for another charter season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiering on Monday, March 1 with a supersized episode from 9 pm-10:15 pm ET/PT,” according to a statement from Bravo. 

“The stakes are high as Captain Glenn Shephard puts his trust in an all-new crew as they sail along the sparkling coast of Croatia to provide an unforgettable, luxurious experience for the guests and their over-the-top requests.”

Beyond Shephard, viewers will meet an entirely new crew as the sailing yacht embarks upon adventures in Croatia. Crew positions and the themes of crew hookups, fights and harrowing docking challenges remain the same.

The chef and chief stew are going to butt heads

Another common theme with the series is the chief stew and chef going head to head. While chef Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck kept it professional and chill in the galley kitchen, viewers will likely see a return to the old contentious dynamic.

“When the chief stew and chef discover they’re on different pages, mistrust and miscommunication makes for an extremely volatile working relationship that impacts everyone on board,” Bravo teased.

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“As department heads undermine each other’s authority, arguments trickle down the chains of command as tension reaches an all-time high between the interior and exterior teams,” according to the show description.

“With new safety protocols in place, the crew must stay on the yacht in between charters, blurring the lines professionally and personally, leading to a boat-load of nauti-yachties.” 

The crew has a slew of experience

Yacht chef Natasha De Bourg is a Michelin-star restaurant chef. She was an executive chef in France before she got into yachting. Her headstrong ways clash with chief stew Daisy Kelliher. Kelliher’s grandfather was an Olympic sailor for Ireland in 1964. Plus her parents and family were in yachting. “Daisy can always be counted on to give you a piece of her mind and let her hair down to have a good time,” according to Bravo.

Kelliher’s interior team includes Dani Soares as the second stew. Alli Dore is the third stew. “While she takes her job seriously, she lets her feelings get the best of her and leaves her questioning how to best chart the course ahead,” Bravo described Soars.

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The deck team includes a first mate, chief engineer, and two deckhands. Deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux is dubbed “the tallest deckhand in yachting,” standing nearly seven feet tall. The crew has another woman on deck too – Sydney Zaruba.

First mate Gary King brings 12 years of experience to Parsifal III. And chief engineer, Colin Macrae has eight.