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The sexual tension between Alli Dore and Gary King on Below Deck Sailing Yacht reaches a boiling point as the two finally kiss. But their first passionate kiss is witnessed by Sydney Zaruba and relationships begin to unravel.

Dore and King flirted and snuggled throughout dinner during the latest episode. The overt flirting was not lost on Zaruba as she has been more than aware of the connection between King and Dore. And while Zaruba and King seemingly came to an understanding that their one-night stand was just that – a one-night stand – she is still clearly hurt.

Gary King from Below Deck Sailing Yacht
Gary King from Below Deck Sailing Yacht |Laurent Basset/Bravo

Sydney Zaruba walks in on Gary King and Alli Dore’s first kiss

Finally, after massive amounts of flirting, King and Dore fall into a passionate kiss behind the bar on the yacht. “When something feels so good, why not pursue it,” King says in a confessional. He then tells Dore, “I’m gonna be with you.”

As they get cozy, cameras follow Zaruba who is walking back to the bar. After a few minutes of banter, King just decides to go in for a kiss. He and Dore passionately kiss, which is when Zaruba makes her entrance. They immediately stop kissing when Zaruba gets behind the bar.

But Zaruba says, “It’s fine … don’t be weird …just going for some Heineken.” Of course, Dore and King look awkward but King grabs Dore’s hand. “Heineken, who’s Heineken?” he asks Zaruba. He then tells Zaruba he’s busy pouring everyone’s drinks.

“This is awkward,” Dore admits in a confessional. As Zaruba rummages behind the bar, King plants another kiss on Dore.

The kiss seems to upset Sydney Zaruba

Zaruba is getting more and more upset. She confides in Dani Soares that she had sex with King. But Soares knows that Zaruba doesn’t want her to keep it a secret. However, she doesn’t plan to share the intel with the crew. “I knew about this already,” Soares says in a confessional. “She’s not telling me because she wants me to keep a secret. She’s telling me this because she wants me to pass it on. Sorry, Sydney. If you want Alli to know, maybe you should go and tell her yourself.”

But later, Zaruba ends up being confrontational, but not with King. She comes for Dore, especially after Dore continues to insist on clearing the air. Dore asks Zaruba to finally just speak her mind and avoid being passive-aggressive. But that’s when Zaruba refers to Dore as a “total stranger” and says she’s not going to “spill her guts.”


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“I’m not a stranger, I’m your roommate,” Dore tells Zaruba. But Zaruba shoots back “I don’t know you. I don’t f**king know you.” Dore becomes exasperated and walks away. But the exchange doesn’t end there.

Zaruba accuses Dore of feeling guilty for kissing King. But Dore reminds Zaruba she’s stayed away from King specifically because she knows King and Zaruba hooked up. But when Dore tells Zaruba she cares about her and wants to talk, Zaruba insists Dore does not care about her. Finally, Dore tells King to deal with the animosity. “You should be angry at him and not me,” Dore says to King.

King says to Zaruba, “The feelings I have for Alli are not the same feelings I have for you and I’m sorry.” Yikes.