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Deck/stew Camille Lamb said Below Deck Season 10 kicks off with conflict brewing, which only builds and ultimately explodes later this season.

Lamb is seen being annoyed but also confused over who is her boss in the Below Deck Season 10 trailer. “She’s totally f***ing convinced she’s my boss,” Lamb tells deckhand Ben Willoughby. “Is she my boss?” Who is Lamb referring to and is there going to be a problem?

Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber definitely have a problem on ‘Below Deck’ Season 10

As a deck/stew, Lamb’s job is to toggle between the interior and the deck. She had a great time on deck, but not inside. Chief stew Fraser Olender assigned rank, giving Alissa Humber the second stew position, which also gave her the authority to delegate tasks to Lamb and third stew Hayley De Sola Pinto.

Camille Lamb 'Below Deck' Season 10 cast photo
Camille Lamb | Laurent Bassett/Bravo

Lamb knew that the second stew is in the position to assign tasks to the lower-ranking stews, she just didn’t love the delivery.

“Honestly, I feel like a lot of my triumphs and my tribulations were derived from Alissa’s and my disagreement in personality or whatever,” Lamb told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “A lot of that tension spilled over into other people’s pot. And I was the forefront face of that tension.”

Camille said she was sick of hearing the ‘B.S.’

“I come from the small boat world so normally I’m the sole stewardess,” she said. “And I’m the kind of person that I don’t like when people tell me what to do when I was going to do it anyway. So I think it’s pretty normal for the second stew to delegate in a proper leadership style.”

Tension within their relationship begins with passive-aggressive remarks made behind each other’s backs. But eventually, Lamb and Humber get confrontational. “At some point, you just get sick of hearing all the B.S.,” she said. “So, yeah, eventually people … face off.”

Lamb said it truly came down to not vibing with Humber’s leadership style. “I want to have my own business. I don’t want to have a boss,” she said. “Clearly, you can tell that’s not really my M.O. I mean, I do like leadership. I love having a leader. But if I question the morality of my leader, then you’re not my leader anymore. I have to respect you in a way that’s moral. And if I don’t, then it’s hard for me to get behind you. So, yeah, I mean, I want to be my own boss because I think I would be a good one.”

The ‘Below Deck’ Season 10 deck/stew position complicated matters

While Lamb wasn’t a fan of Humber’s leadership style, she liked how Olender ran his team. “I felt like it was good,” she recalled. But said she was mainly in front of Humber and not Olender.

She also admitted that her mouth gets her in trouble sometimes too. “It serves me really well sometimes, but it also gets me in a lot of trouble sometimes,” she said. “So I have to learn a healthy balance.”


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Being a deck/stew also complicated matters for Lamb. “It was the first deck/stew to have ever been on Below Deck and I don’t know if my department heads had ever managed a deck/stew,” she recalled. “So it was a bit confusing for me. I didn’t really know where I stood a lot of the time and when I was done in the interior, I was like, OK, well do I just see myself to the exterior? Like, how does this work? So yeah it was definitely pretty confusing.”

Below Deck Season 10 is on Monday at 8 pm ET on Bravo.