‘Below Deck’: Some Viewers Were Annoyed Delores Flora Was Rewarded for ‘Vile Behavior’ When She Appeared on ‘WWHL’

Andy Cohen from Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen told viewers that fans wanted to see Below Deck charter guest Delores Flora on the show, but many disagreed with him.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

For the first time, Cohen invited a charter guest to make an appearance on the late-night talk show. Flora made a huge “splash” when she defied Captain Lee Rosbach’s orders and went swimming at night while she was drunk. He booted her from the boat. During her trip back to shore, she also dove off of the tender, which left the crew and guests in disbelief.

And while Below Deck has hosted a slew of controversial guests, somehow Flora was invited to appear on WWHL. Some people, especially former chief stew Kate Chastain was happy to see the guest. “DELORES!!!!!! I absolutely love her,” Chastain tweeted during the episode.

But several fans disagreed. “I’m sorry I don’t get rewarding such vile behavior,” one fan replied to Chastain. “She was so rude and disrespectful. She looked down her nose at the crew and the captain. He treated her the way she deserved and that should be the end. But I love you, Kate.”

Delores Flora gave zero ‘f**ks’

Flora appeared via video chat, standing in front of a yacht in a harbor. She insisted the “water was calling [her] name” so she dove into the sea. “It was warm, it was lovely and I felt the need to bond with fish,” she told Cohen about her now-infamous drunken leap.

She defended her behavior saying she wasn’t too drunk to listen to reason. “I do have a problem with authority,” she shrugged. “And the first time I remember getting in trouble was for jumping into the deep end of the pool. So I always had a problem with jumping in the water. It is what it is.”

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Cohen then wondered if Flora owed Captain Lee Rosbach an apology for her behavior and for mocking him from the water. “I think that …,” she said searching for her words. “I didn’t take him seriously. There was no ‘man overboard’ protocol thrown out there. No one threw me a life ring. No one threw me a vest. So no I didn’t take him seriously.”

She also didn’t know crew members were standing guard at her door all night. “I feel bad for that,” she admitted. Flora then said she was planning to leave the boat anyway.

Many viewers were not amused with Delores Flora’s appearance on ‘WWHL’

Most viewers groaned when they watched Flora’s cameo appearance. “Dolores is ridiculous. What an immature a**hole,” one person summed up the cameo.

“Andy is really up here interviewing Dolores the drunken charter guest,” another person remarked on Twitter. Him: ‘the viewers demanded it.’” Fans replied to the thread, sharing they didn’t demand to see the guest again.

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Another person couldn’t help but note how Flora never apologized for her behavior. “Seriously, Delores on #WWHL – could care less about her entitled unapologetic weird azz.”