‘Below Deck’ Superfan Chrissy Teigen Recalls Robo-Toilet ‘R2-Poo2’

Below Deck superfan, Chrissy Teigen jogged Kate Chastain’s memory of the square, ultra-futuristic “robot-toilet” from season 4.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain|Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“There’s been something weighing on me for a few years now that I need to talk about,” Teigen tweeted. “About 3 years ago, Kate from below deck called the robot toilet on the boat ‘R2-Poo2’ but R2Pee2 makes more sense ???”

Bravo immediately responded, telling Teigen the team would “look into this matter” for her. Chastain joked, “I blame the charter guests that had just arrived and needed a yacht tour, thus distracting me from delivering completely perfect impromptu quips.”

Chastain added, “Finally! The punchline that has evaded me all these years….I will sleep well tonight.” Second stew Courtney Skippon joked, “Can’t believe you f**ked that one up.” Chastain responded, “I blame the comedy writers onboard.”

Kate Chastain demos the toilet

The infamous “robo toilet” was part of the master suite on M/Y Valor. The entire yacht was recently updated prior to the 2016 season so everything was completely new, Chastain shared on a tour. “This is our master stateroom, very modern,” Chastain revealed. The room and bath are decked out in mainly white and neutral tones.

“But my favorite part of the master is this bathroom,” she said walking into the bathroom. “The best part of this bathroom is the robot toilet. I like to call it R2 Poo2.” She showed viewers how the lid automatically lifts from the toilet.

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“First we have heating,” she said, describing the toilet’s features. Deckhand Nico Scholly helps to demonstrate and remarked how the toilet seat was actually warm. “But more important are the robotic arms within the toilet,” she continued. Scholly laughed adding, “I feel like I might have done something.” He turns around to show his pants are wet.

“It works so well,” Chastain said laughing.

How much does this toilet cost?

A toilet like the one on Valor could set the owner back about $9,000. The white cube toilet with special features looks similar to Kohler’s Numi Comfort Height model.

This model may have been updated and enhanced since Chastain’s 2016 tour. “The Numi toilet combines unmatched design and technology to bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing,” according to Kohler’s description.

The Kohler Numi 2.0 smart toilet
The Kohler Numi 2.0 smart toilet | David Becker/Getty Images

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“Kohler’s most advanced toilet now offers personalized settings that let you fine-tune every option to your exact preferences, from ambient colored lighting to wireless Bluetooth® music sync capability to the heated seat and foot warmer.” Features also include a wireless music streaming feature, Bluetooth technology, and a power-saving mode.

And while the toilet has a formal name, one person on the Twitter thread may have found something better. “What about R2peePoo?” the person suggested.

The crew also causes damage to the master suite

While the toilet seemingly remained unscathed, the crew damaged the bathroom in the master stateroom. The crew decides to chill in the master between charters and somehow breaks off a panel on the bathroom wall.

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Deckhand Kyle Dixon worries when the crew gets too rowdy in the room and low and behold, something breaks. Three crew members are jammed in the bathroom and then a panel is torn from the wall.