New ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ $6,500 Tip Details Emerge, Daisy Kelliher Spills [Exclusive]

Just when the $6,500 Below Deck Sailing Yacht tip left by a group of charter guests, headed by primaries Charles Sanders and Erica Rose, couldn’t get any worse, it actually does.

Chief stew Daisy Kelliher revealed exclusively to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that the charter guests left coins in their tip — and not in all euros. She said the Below Deck tip included a mix of coins from various countries, even outdated currency.

The ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ tip was a mix of currency, Daisy Kelliher said

Kelliher described how Captain Glenn Shephard was actually presented with a handful of coins. “It was a load of random change and coins,” she recalled. “Like random currency. So like Greek money, which, by the way, doesn’t exist because Greek is part of Europe. They haven’t had Greek money in 20 years. [There also was] money from Fiji, and it was like maybe like 200 Fijian dollars.”

Colin MacRae, Kelsie Goglia, Gabriela Barragan, Daisy Kelliher toast to another 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' tip
Colin MacRae, Kelsie Goglia, Gabriela Barragan, Daisy Kelliher | Laurent Basset/Bravo

“They just gave Glenn like a handful of random change and random currencies,” she continued. “Like you have a jar in your room that you just collect. And that didn’t get aired, which I was pretty annoyed about because I felt that was quite significant. So yeah, the tip was strange for sure.”

In a statement to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Rose said: “Charles Sanders handed an envelope as we exited the yacht comprised of American cash currency. He was seen counting that currency on the show. The cash he handed was in U.S. currency. It contained money from myself, Charles, and Cindi Rose.”

Kelliher said being tipped with coins was insulting

Kelliher said she was completely over it at that point. She added, “It was pretty insulting. It was strange.”

The crew went the extra mile for this charter, constantly being thrown curve balls when Sanders would praise chef Marcos Spaziani’s food and then complain about it the next minute. Spaziani was even injured during the charter but soldiered on, trying to meet the guests’ requests.

“Honestly, a thank you means more to me than a tip, but it was definitely their way of being like ‘eff you,'” Kelliher said. “It was strange, and I just wanted to get them off the boat at this stage. I was like, ‘Take your money. I just don’t even care.’ The minute we were told that they missed their flight right up until the tip, it just never stopped being bizarre.”

Kelliher speculates what the other ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ guests knew about the tip

Kelliher also thinks the primary charter guests might not have been as up front with the other guests about the tip. “I think what happened was that on a normal boat, the primary takes care of the tip,” she explained. “You invite friends, but it’s very standard that the primary [is in charge of the tip].”

But a Below Deck charter can often be different. “But obviously on Below Deck, it’s a bit of a slightly different clientele,” Kelliher explained. “Sometimes it is the primary, but sometimes they pool together in for the tip.”

“I feel like what happened was possibly Erica said maybe that she was looking after the tip and kind of alluded to her guests like ‘oh we’ve got it’ and then didn’t,” she said. “I’m not even sure the guests really understood because they paid their own way. Like I said, it wasn’t the way a customary charter would be. I think they split it, but I think possibly they thought the tip was included in the price they were given.”

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