‘Below Deck’: Which Charter Guests Had the Most Outrageous Requests and Preference Sheets?

If Barrie Drewitt-Barlow from Below Deck Sailing Yacht seemed demanding, take a trip down Below Deck memory lane for some of the most outrageous demands and outlandish preference sheets.

Bravo created a compilation of stand-out charter guest demands, beginning with “Mr. Foam Man” Steve Bradley. And while insisting on a foam party on a windy deck was a challenge to implement, Bradley’s request certainly wasn’t the wildest seen on the series. Who else took the crew to task while on the show?

Andy Bohn, Alexis Bellino, Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Courtney Skippon on Below Deck
Andy Bohn, Alexis Bellino, Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Courtney Skippon on Below Deck | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

‘Below Deck’ Season 3 had more than 1 wild request

Not only did Bradley want foam, chief stew Kate Chastain observed that he basically wanted to have a rave on board the boat during season 3. “How many raves have you been to?” she questioned Captain Lee Rosbach. “This could be your first?” At the same time, Chastain admitted in a confessional that she’s never heard of any yacht having a foam party.

“Foam parties should stay where they belong,” she added. “In 1997.” The crew tried their best but the wind had other plans. When the other charter guests didn’t join Bradley on deck, the crew donned robes and had “Foam Party 2015,” stew Amy Johnson declared. Bradley returned for season 6, which is when deckhand Ashton Pienaar had to dress up as cupid and deliver a cake.

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Season 3 also included a few cast members from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. When the boat ended up being docked, Chastain dressed up deckhand Connie Arias like a cat when they said they wanted a kitten. Arias then casually walked on all fours into the salon where the guests were hanging out. She even drank from a small saucer of milk on the floor.

“I’ve had some pretty crazy guest requests,” Chastain recounted. “Prostitutes, fly an eggplant to a remote island. A cat is no big deal.” Later, deckhand Emile Kotze fed strawberries to the group of ladies. He was dressed in a tank top and jeans, which was one of their requests.

‘Below Deck’ guests took their requests too far

While most guest requests are just quirky, some can be offensive. Jen Howell was propositioned by a few charter guests during season 5. Howell helped a female guest unpack, which is when the guest told Howell her husband “liked her.”

Howell was sexually harassed during the charter, but this time the charter guest tried to close her in the room with her. “You are not allowed to leave,” the guest is heard telling Howell.

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“All of a sudden there’s t*tties in my face,” Howell said covering her eyes in a confessional sharing that the guest exposed herself to her. Howell is heard telling the woman to stop from behind closed doors. Meanwhile, the guests were being thrown a “pajama party,” which Chastain realized was a lingerie party.

…And then there was Scupper

While the inappropriate charter guests made the crew scramble, a small dog named Scupper also put chef Ben Robinson to the test. Scupper required gourmet meals during season 4. “Lucky little f*ckers,” Robinson joked when he heard what he’d be preparing meals for the pup. Adding, “I’m absolutely thrilled to be cooking for a dog,” he joked in a confessional.

Of course one of the wildest moments in the history of the show was when chef Rachel Hargrove read over a guests’ preference sheet and decided on the spot it was too ostentatious during season 8. She quit. Thankfully, she returned only to find that the guests were lovely.

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Dinner was a problem during season 6 but not for the chef. Stew Josiah Carter was asked to wear a tight, gold Speedo during dinner when Charley Walters‘ group came on board. Carter was stressed about it but won over the group and they all became friends.