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The explosive fight between Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean and Ciara Duggan from Below Deck Sailing Yacht is water under the bridge. The yachties not only buried the hatchet, but they are such close friends that Duggan will be by More’s side when she gives birth in a few short months.

More spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about her pregnancy and how she and Duggan came back together as friends. In 2021, they had a nasty social media smackdown. Duggan accused More of assaulting her sister. More denied the allegation and slammed Duggan for making a derogatory comment about her mental health.

How did Ciara Duggan and Jessica More squash their beef?

More blamed the altercation on too much alcohol and tweeting and said Duggan later admitted she shouldn’t have come for her on Twitter. “And then I had animosity towards her because I had a breakup and she was working with my ex, the captain, and there was like just this whole thing,” More said. “And it was so silly.”

Ciara Duggan and Jessica More |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“And then I was traveling for a while, so we didn’t talk at all,” More added. “And then when I came back, we share a mutual friend, our friend Matty. So we were both at his birthday party and Matt was just like, ‘Can you just talk to her, please? Like, you guys should be friends again. Like, come on, this is silly.’ And then, yeah here we are. She’s amazing, you know? And I missed her. It was just so silly, the whole situation. She felt like she had to kind of defend her sister and I get that. Water under the bridge!”

Jessica’s close friend and Ciara from ‘Below Deck’ will be there for the birth

More recently revealed that she is 30 weeks pregnant and the father of her baby is not totally in the picture. So she’s planning to lean on the support of close friends. “My best friend is going to fly in from Nevada. Thank God. With her adorable son, who I had the joy of being able to be a part of her birth back in the day,” More shared.

“She had a home birth,” More said about her friend who is flying into town. “For her first child as well. She’s coming and she’s like, ‘I owe you.’ So I’m looking forward to that. And then Ciara. Those are the definites that are going to be there.”

More is limiting her support to a few people in the delivery room because she’s planning for an unmedicated birth. “Everyone else is kind of moving parts or deciding to come like a week or two or whatever after to help me with the baby and stuff like that,” she said. “I’m very particular about who I want in that space since I’m doing unmedicated and at a birth center and everything. So for me, I just really need to stay focused.”

Jessica More said she plans to co-parent with the baby’s father

More confirmed that the baby’s father is not a Below Deck crew member or a yachtie. “We’re not together, but we’ll be co-parenting,” she said. “He lives in Ft. Lauderdale. He’ll be a good dad.”


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She added, “It’s been a roller coaster for him. For me, I knew the second I found out, I didn’t really doubt that. So for him, I know it’s been stressful and confusing.”

That’s why having support from close friends is so important. She’s also received an outpouring of support from her Below Deck friends. “The Below Deck cast members, our whole community, it’s great. That’s probably the biggest perk of being a part of the show is having that circle. Our little trauma bond, I call it.”

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