Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Says Daisy Kelliher Is ‘the Best Chief Stew I’ve Seen on the Series’

Kate Chastain from Below Deck crowned Daisy Kelliher from Below Deck Sailing Yacht as the “best chief stew” on the series after three new chief stews have been on each series since Chastain’s departure.

Chief stews Francesca Rubi (Below Deck), Christine “Bugsy” Drake (Below Deck Mediterranean), and Jenna MacGillivray (Below Deck Sailing Yacht) have taken on the role as head of service throughout various series. But Kelliher is the first to receive high praise from Chastain. A fan tweeted the remark Chastain recently made about Kelliher. “She’s the best chief stew I’ve seen on the series and I really respect everything about the way that she’s doing it. She’s funny, she’s great at her job. I’m really impressed with her,” Chastain told US Weekly. Many fans agree, so could Kelliher become the new reoccurring face of the Sailing series?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 cast photo: Daisy Kelliher
Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 cast photo: Daisy Kelliher | Laurent Basset/Bravo

Daisy Kelliher would be a welcome returning ‘Below Deck Sailing’ cast member for many fans

Like Chastain, Kelliher took heat from a few crew members for being too tough. “I think sometimes with me people misinterpret kind of, you know, me taking my job seriously and delegating and wanting it done properly, they misinterpret that for maybe me being b*tchy or maybe being too assertive,” she told E! News. “But that’s definitely not it. And I think with Gary [King] and Natasha [de Bourg], I think that’s the way they interpreted my management style.”

Chastain was seen trying to work with many of the dramatic chefs on Below Deck. She never backed down but didn’t push too hard so that the chef quit. Kelliher has a similar style.

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Plus, like most strong chief stews, Kelliher juggled various personalities, not to mention messy boatmances.

“Natasha wasn’t taking my feedback, which is part of my job,” she said. “Because she was struggling with that and because I was trying to defuse the whole Gary, Alli and Sydney thing, Gary was again thinking like, ‘Oh, Daisy’s just a prude and she’s just super b*tchy.'” But Kelliher said she was just “trying to create a nice environment for everybody on board.”

Daisy Kelliher and Kate Chastain share some of the same views

Chastain retweeted the comment about Kelliher which was met with agreement from many fans. “I hope she comes back because she handles herself well and goes with the flow, very steady in her personality and emotions,” one viewer remarked on the thread. Another person wrote, “Love Daisy. Really good at her job, her interaction with the crew, her level head and calm demeanour. Definitely the best I’ve seen so far. However I thought Kate was brilliant too!”

Kelliher shares Chastains’ views on one big controversial subject – sleeping in guest cabins. Rubi became so angry crew members slept in a guest cabin she demanded that her stew be fired for the offense. Chastain who was tweeting about the season wrote, “I seriously can’t even count how many times I’ve slept in a guest cabin.”

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew members helped themselves to a guest cabin in between charters and Kelliher said it didn’t bother her either. “I thought it was a little bit harsh,” Kelliher shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about Rubi’s reaction. “For me, it was like, pick your battles. I mean, people have their thing, and that’s Francesca’s thing. And on most boats that absolutely is a rule. And it’s very much frowned upon. But it actually happens.”