Below Deck’s Rhylee Gerber’s Beloved Dog Dolce Has Died

Rhylee Gerber from Below Deck shared that her 14-year-old dog, Dolce has died. “Laid to rest my sweet girl yesterday afternoon. I cannot begin to express how broken my heart is or how thankful I am to have had such a gift by my side for the last fourteen years. I’ve truly lost the best part of me,” she posted along with a photo of Dolce.

Dolce has always been by Rhylee Gerber’s side (even in a backpack)

Unless Gerber was on charter, Dolce hadn’t left her side, traveling the country and soaking up every morsel of nature Gerber consumed. When it was clear that Dolce was aging and couldn’t hike the way she used to, Gerber even purchased a specially made backpack so Dolce could ride in style.

Below Deck's Rhylee Gerber and Dolce
Below Deck’s Rhylee Gerber and Dolce | Photo courtesy of Rhylee Gerber

“I can’t wait to get out there like we used to and hike with my love,” she shared in May when she purchased the new backpack for Dolce. “Aging is a b–tch for any species and leaving her behind made me dread long excursions. I’ll be sure to post videos and more pics but I just wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am to the guys over at @k9sportsack for hooking my baby up in style with their new Rover pack able to hold dogs up to 80lbs!! Dolce is sitting pretty at 50lbs so we fitted her in the XL with an added booster pad so she can remain upright and comfortable!”

Rhylee Gerber’s dog’s life was filled with adventure

“Today was amazing!” Gerber shared on Instagram last May along with photos with Dolce. “Hiked 3 miles up Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon and had spectacular views I was able to share with my little Dolce Bear. I take that back, she’s hardly little. In fact, I’m feeling the extra 50lbs of her weight all over but, it was worth it!!” 

Gerber also shared endless photos of Dolce getting special treats and enjoying Gerber’s van life home. “Somebody’s excited for #vanlife,” Gerber posted along with a happy photo of Dolce.

Dolce is Rhylee Gerber’s forever best friend

Gerber’s mother often watched Dolce when she was off filming Below Deck. But Gerber always missed her sweet pup and shared how thrilled she would feel to be reunited with her. “For everyone asking about Dolce…yesterday was the first time I got to see her since before filming the reunion,” Gerber shared on Instagram. “I could tell immediately how much better she felt the minute I pulled up! Since having her eye removed, it’s almost as though she were a puppy again. I’m so thankful to my friend @kgagne for always being there for us whenever Dolce has any sort of ailment, I’m forever indebted!!”


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As Dolce aged, she faced a few health issues. She had to have an eye removed last year. Most recently Gerber discovered a large cancerous mass on Dolce, which vets said was inoperable.

“This dogs seen more adventure than most in her 14yrs …okay maybe she didn’t see this guy, since he was on her blind side, nevertheless, you know what I mean,” Gerber recently posted as Dolce sat in the car while a large bison strolled next to her.