Is Ben Warren Leaving ‘Station 19’? Here’s Why Fans Think He’s Here to Stay

After watching the Station 19 Grey’s Anatomy crossover promo, fans worry that Ben Warren (Jason George) is leaving Station 19. The premiere teases, “Not everyone will survive,” so viewers cannot stop contemplating who dies in the upcoming crossover. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) from Grey’s Anatomy looks very worried. Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) explains to someone at the hospital that “there was a second explosion.” However, fans have a strong theory that the person who dies is not Ben Warren in Station 19.

Jason George looking at the camera as Ben Warren from 'Station 19'
‘Station 19’: Jason George as Ben Warren | ABC

Why do some fans think Ben Warren dies in ‘Station 19’?

In the upcoming Station 19 Grey’s Anatomy crossover event, the promo teases an explosion that shakes the firehouse and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. At first, the firefighters weren’t sure whether it was an explosion or an earthquake. However, later in the premiere, Travis tells someone about a “second explosion.” 

“I’m trying to call Ben, but he’s not picking up,” Bailey says to Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.). 

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Then the promo flashes to a clip of Ben, who looks very worried, standing in either a makeshift shelter or underground area. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) insists that the hospital will be “flooded with massive trauma.” Then Bailey yells at everyone to move as she pulls a gurney into the emergency room. It looks like it could be Ben that she’s transporting. In another clip, Owen’s sister, Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), breaks down crying outside an operating room. 

Since the Station 19 Grey’s Anatomy crossover event promo insists that not everyone survives, viewers worry that Ben Warren is leaving Station 19.

Is Ben leaving ‘Station 19’?

In a viewer discussion, fans debated whether Ben Warren is leaving Station 19. Some viewers think that the Station 19 Grey’s Anatomy crossover event promo leaned too heavily into Ben’s possible death.

“I think it would be too much of a giveaway to actually kill Ben after this promo,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “My money is on one of Travis’ parents, especially considering Jay recorded a lot of scenes for the Grey’s Anatomy part of the crossover.”

Station 19 Season 5 premiere with Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey talking to Dean Miller
‘Station 19’: Jason George, Chandra Wilson and Okieriete Onaodowan | Ron Batzdorff/ABC/Getty Images

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Jay Hayden is clearly at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital when he tenderly tells someone that there was another explosion. Instead, many viewers think that one of Travis’ parents died.

“I mean, that scene with Travis crying talking about the 2nd explosion,” another Redditor began. “To me, it feels like he is explaining to one of his parents that the other one died in said explosion.”

Many of the viewers believe only a minor Station 19 character dies in the crossover event.

When does ‘Station 19’ return?

After watching Station 19 Season 5 Episode 4, “100% or Nothing,” viewers found that the show won’t return next week. Both Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy take a two-week break and return on Nov. 11 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. So, viewers have to wait three full weeks to find out if Ben Warren is leaving Station 19.