The Best Episodes of ‘Modern Family,’ as Ranked by IMDb

With over a decade of episodes, there are plenty of favorite moments among Modern Family fans. There was the Express Christmas™ episode, Alex’s acceptance to CalTech, Cam’s punkin chunkin story, and Phil’s smoke alarm fiasco

When it comes to fan ratings on IMDb, some episodes come out on top. Here are a few of the fan-favorite moments from this ABC comedy series. 

'Modern Family' Episode Titled 'Family Portrait'
‘Modern Family’ Episode Titled ‘Family Portrait’ | Danny Feld/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘Baby on Board’ (Season 3)

After deciding to adopt a second child, Mitch and Cam finally get a call saying that their baby is being born. Because the family speaks Spanish, even though Cam claims he understands it, they bring Gloria with them and miss Lily’s dance recital in the process. 

Mitch and Cam learn, telenovela style, that the mother decided to keep the baby. It’s not all bad news, though. Gloria learns that she’s pregnant. 

'Modern Family' Episode Titled 'Baby on Board'
‘Modern Family’ Episode Titled ‘Baby on Board’ | Peter “Hopper” Stone/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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‘Family Portrait’ (Season 1)

The Pritchetts all have their little issues. For Mitch, that’s a fear of birds and small talk. For Claire, that’s being a perfectionist, which is especially troublesome when she tries to schedule a family portrait.

In this episode, the family members reconvene at Jay’s house to take a nice picture together. Of course, things don’t go exactly as Claire planned, so she freaks out. 

‘The Wedding – Part 2’ (Season 5)

Mitch and Cam had their whole wedding planned out, that is, before everything went wrong. A forest fire forcing the guests to evacuate the wedding venue was truly the icing on top of the wedding cake. 

Mitch’s father, who was having a hard time embracing the wedding, finally came around in the second half of this episode, pulling some strings at the club and having Mitch and Cam get married there instead of their overcrowded home. 

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‘A Year of Birthdays’ (Season 10)

As the birth of Haley and Dylan’s twins quickly approaches, the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker clan reflected on the past birthdays they’ve celebrated. That includes Phil’s birthday, loaded with activities like playing the piano and learning Spanish.

‘American Skyper’ (Season 6)

As the episode ranked the highest on IMDb (an 8.8 out of 10,) this episode has a few surprising subplots happening the same day as Alex’s graduation party.

Cam got adult braces and he feels Mitch being distant, but it’s not for the reason he thinks — Mitch was recently fired from work and he didn’t want to tell Cam. Phil is a few states away because of an ear infection.

The doctor told him he couldn’t fly back home but, thanks to the miracle of technology, he could still (virtually) spend the day with the family. He even figures out that Haley and Andy have feelings for each other.