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Robert Sheehan – the slightly deranged and darkly comedic drug addict Klaus Hargreeves on The Umbrella Academy – has fans fawning over his good looks, charm, and acting prowess. Many have taken to social media to express their affection; from Klaus Hargreeves illustrations to humorous fan requests, the star has been receiving his fair share (if not more than his fair share) of attention.

Robert Sheehan
Robert Sheehan | Getty Images

The Umbrella Academy also stars Ellen Page, Mary J. Blige, and Tom Hooper, and while the internet has not forgotten about the other superhero siblings gracing our television screens, Robert Sheehan seems to take the gold when it comes to the show’s fanbase. Ellen Page and Aidan Gallagher are likely running a close second, but that’s up for debate.

Below, you will find a collection of the best tweets directed at Robert Sheehan, mostly focusing on his role as Klaus Hargreeves or his run as Nathan Young on the UK series Misfits.

The “can’t handle it” request

His beauty gets compared to an “attack.” It is an attack: on all your sense, on your sanity, and every episode we willingly face the attack once more.

Stage a spontaneous lemonade stand to discuss why Klaus Hargreeves is the best

Captioned alongside a man sitting outside with a sign that reads “Klaus is the best character. Change my mind,” this fan will attempt to convince all the Number Five enthusiasts that number four is the true MVP.

The sheer inability to express all the feelings that Klaus Hargreeves induces

Captioned alongside rather darling photos of Robert Sheehan, this fan is in awe of his beauty, and seemingly his entire shtick as well.

Giant cotton candy hearts for the win?

As a giant cotton candy heart is swirled on a stick before floating away delicately into the breeze, a super fan anxiously awaits the day it reaches Robert Sheehan.

The insightful comparison to Robert Sheehan’s role as Nathan Young on Misfits

Not once, but twice, Robert Sheehan has had to dive through a bowling alley lane to escape danger (albeit the first time he was merely trying to evade an aggravated employee).

Simple appreciation for the actor’s performance

A little acknowledgment goes a long way; Robert Sheehan does not merely play Klaus Hargreeves, he becomes Klaus Hargreeves. Let’s just hope this actor stays away from the method acting technique (for his own sake).

What’s next for Robert Sheehan?

While still awaiting news regarding renewal, it’s likely that – considering the show’s large fan base and critical acclaim – The Umbrella Academy will be renewed. According to IMDb, Robert Sheehan, unforunately, does not have any other projects on the horizon.

If you have never watched Misfits, or you haven’t yet seen Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, you can catch Sheehan in either. With major roles in both the UK series and the film, it should satiate the Sheehan-need as we wait for Klaus Hargreeves to return.


Given that Klaus Hargreeves is channeling his deceased brother’s power in the season one finale, the character will likely take on a much more significant role, in terms of savior status, in season two.