BET Awards 2020: Fans Love Lizzo, But Some Believe She Shouldn’t Have Won Best Female Artist

The 2020 BET Awards were conducted as a first-time virtual event on June 28 and it went off without a hitch. Winners included Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Chris Brown, and Teyana Taylor.

Many viewers hit social media to say they enjoyed the program more than the regular version, but there were some disagreements about who should’ve won in their respective categories. Some folks were hot about Lizzo’s win.

Lizzo BET Award
Lizzo | BET Awards 2020/Getty Images

Lizzo received Best Female R&B/Pop Artist award

Early in the three-hour show, the contenders for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist were announced, and the names included Beyoncé, Kehlani, H.E.R., Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, and Lizzo. Lizzo snagged the honor, and she graciously accepted the award in a pre-recorded video.

In 2019, she released her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, but her popularity pushed two of her 2017 singles back up the charts. Last year, she was nominated for a BET award in the Best Female Artist category but didn’t win.

This year, Lizzo dominated the Grammy Awards as the most nominated artist and took home three of the awards. 2020 marks the first time she’s won a BET award.

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Some fans don’t think Lizzo should have won

It’s indisputable that Lizzo is has a large fan base and between her flute-playing talents and live performances, she delivers. Folks love her.

But some Twitter users were not on board with her winning out over the other artists in the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist category. Most expressed their support for Lizzo and her music but thought a different singer should have claimed the honor.

One commenter wrote, “I love Lizzo i really do but Best RnB???” Another person garnered 8,000 likes for this comment: “Kehlani & Summer Walker both had albums i couldn’t stop listening to and Lizzo won?”

There was shared sentiment on Twitter that read like this tweet: “Woke up this morning and I still can’t believe Lizzo won for best female  R&B at the #BETAwards No shade at all, but it should’ve went to someone else.”

Many agreed they liked Lizzo but felt her music was more pop oriented than R&B, with some pointing out her last new release was in early 2019. Others were more passionate about their stance and stated the lineup had better choices for the win, including artists who dropped fresh music.

Lizzo is relishing the moment

If you know Lizzo’s story, then you know it took her about 10 years to achieve the level of success she’s enjoying now. When moments happen for her to receive accolades and awards, she’s grateful and reflects on how far she’s come. This was one of those.

It’s been floated that she is writing and creating new music and has been for months, but fans aren’t sure if Lizzo has plans to drop anything before the end of the year.

If she does, it’s possible that she’ll be up for another set of music awards when the next season rolls around. These days, you can catch Lizzo sharing her music for social causes.

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