‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Reviews Tease What’s to Come in the Final Season

The countdown to Better Call Saul Season 6 is on. Naturally, fans of the AMC series can’t wait until the two-part premiere on April 18. Reviews for the Breaking Bad spinoff’s final season are already pouring in. Here’s what they’re teasing about the newest season of Better Call Saul.

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman in season 6 of 'Better Call Saul,' the final season of the AMC series
Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

‘Better Call Saul’ black and white scenes won’t appear in the first episode 

In previous seasons, Better Call Saul opened with a flash-forward to Gene Takavic (Bob Odenkirk), the future version of Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman. There are still a lot of questions regarding Gene’s fate, especially since the taxi driver made him in the season 5 premiere.

According to UPI, season 6 “begins with a scene intrinsically tied to Saul, but something viewers have never seen raises more intriguing questions.” Their review also says fans will see more from Nacho (Michael Mando) in the first episode before they learn more about what’s going on with Jimmy. 

‘Better Call Saul’s new season will detail the beginning of the end for Saul Goodman 

In the Better Call Saul Season 6 premiere, many reviews tease Saul Goodman’s property getting repossessed by authorities. According to Collider, “we see people clearing out all the various possessions of a house … that presumably belongs to Jimmy McGill. [He] is fast on his way to becoming the Saul Goodman we know from Breaking Bad.” 

Co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould deliver with a “classic mystery cold open.” Fans will feel the show “carefully laying the tracks for our path to the end” (via Consequence). 

Nacho and Lalo appear in the first episode of ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6

Season 5 concluded with Gus Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) failed assassination attempt on Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton). Despite Nacho’s help, Lalo made it out alive and knows Nacho was in on the job. 

Better Call Saul Season 6 won’t leave Nacho and Lalo’s storylines up in the air for long, according to Indiewire. “There are early check-ins with Nacho, fresh off of springing an unsuccessful trap for Lalo Salamanca,” the outlet reports. 

The first episode of season 6 prolongs Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler’s storyline 

The first episode of Better Call Saul Season 6 doesn’t ignore Jimmy McGill or his wife Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). But it “takes longer than you might expect for things to arrive back at [them]” (via Indiewire). When we finally get a glimpse of the couple, Collider says we’ll see them “hatch more schemes.” 

“The mark this time is someone close to both of them and will require treading extra carefully,” the outlet writes. Could this be Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian)? Regardless, Kim is “cast in shadow, revealing how she has fallen more into the darkness over the course of the series.” 

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Episode 2 credits contain spoilers

Brian Davids, a writer at The Hollywood Reporter, encourages “hardcore fans” to ignore the title credits for the second episode. “It’s no accident that Vince Gilligan helms episode two since he’s mastered those thriller elements across all three Gilliverse titles,” he shared on Twitter.

“Anyway, make sure to savor the remaining hours of our finest fictional universe; I know I am. (Hardcore fans: avoid reading 602’s credits.)”

Could this mean a pre-Breaking Bad Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in the second episode of the final season? Only time will tell. 

AMC will release the first two episodes of Better Call Saul Season 6 on April 18. The final season will conclude on Aug. 15, 2022. 

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