Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Daughter Blue Ivy is the Youngest Person Ever to Appear on a Billboard Chart

Celebrity kids truly live privileged lives — from the very best designer clothes to extravagant family vacations, the sons and daughters of prominent actors and musicians get to enjoy the best of everything.

Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z, is one of the wealthiest celebrity children. The world has been invested in her life since she was born, and over the years, she has only grown more high-profile, walking the red carpets with her superstar mother. Blue Ivy has broken a number of barriers for someone so young, and in 2012, the little girl made headlines for a very surprising reason. 

When was Blue Ivy Carter born?

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter
Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z have one of the longest-running and most successful relationships in the music industry. The two first met in the early 2000s, when Beyoncé was a star on the rise and Jay-Z was an established rapper. The two dated for years before tying the knot.

Although the whole world was invested in their story, the couple chose to keep most of their relationship out of the spotlight, rarely discussing their marriage with the media.

In 2011, Knowles performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, performing her hit song “Love On Top.” At the end of her performance, the star pulled aside her loose-fitting top to reveal a baby bump.

The crowd went wild, and the moment went down in history as one of the award show’s biggest moments. In January 2012, she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter. The child’s birth was a headline-making moment, but again, Knowles and Jay-Z chose to keep their child away from the glare of the spotlight.

Blue Ivy Carter is a high-profile celebrity child

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As the years went on, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z relaxed a little bit and allowed their adoring public a few brief glances at their pride and joy, Blue Ivy. The proud parents have brought Blue Ivy to several red carpet events over the years, with the little girl always dressed to the nines in designer clothing. The child always seems perfectly at ease attending celebrity events, which has led fans to speculate about whether Blue Ivy could end up pursuing a career in entertainment, just like her parents.

Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father and former manager, has revealed that he believes Blue Ivy Carter has the star power that it takes to succeed in the industry. “Blue Ivy is just so incredible and reminds me of Beyoncé so much,” he stated. 

Blue Ivy has already charted on Billboard

If Blue Ivy Carter does decide to pursue a career in music, she is already set up for success. In fact, the eight-year-old has been featured on several of her parents’ musical tracks.

According to Time, most notably, Jay-Z’s 2012 song “Glory,” which was written about the birth of his eldest daughter, featured some of the newborn’s crying sounds at the end of the track. The hit song was a massive success for the rapper and marked the first time that Blue Ivy charted on Billboard — even if she wasn’t aware of it at the time. It also earned Blue Ivy the distinction of being the youngest person ever to be featured on a popular song, according to Billboard.

More recently, Blue Ivy collaborated with her mother on the song “Brown Skin Girl” showing off her singing skills by harmonizing with another guest vocalist as well as belting out a solo section. It is clear that the young girl is set for success and has not only the confidence but the ability to pursue her interest in music and the arts.