Beyoncé’s Brow Secret Is 1 Common School Supply

Beyoncé Knowles is an international superstar who has broken numerous barriers for women in entertainment over the years. A music industry veteran before she was in her twenties, she has gone on to become a businesswoman of epic proportions, a wife and mother of three young children, and a brilliant entrepreneur, responsible for brilliantly crafting her public image. Beyoncé is also a beauty icon, a stunning woman who doesn’t mind relying on some super-simple beauty tricks — including small swaps that involve common school supplies. 

Beyoncé is well-known for her beauty

Beyoncé | Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

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In the early days of her career, Beyoncé was best known for her work in the girl group Destiny’s Child. Over time, she rose to the forefront of the group and started earning accolades for her brilliant singing and dancing abilities.

In 2006, Beyoncé broke away and became a solo artist, releasing hit single after hit single. She even conquered the film industry, appearing in high-profile movies like Dreamgirls and The Pink Panther.

After her marriage to Jay-Z, Beyoncé became even more popular, and the two grew their brand into a veritable empire. These days, they own multiple businesses, including clothing lines and record labels, and have affiliations with sports teams.

Through it all, Beyoncé has remained as fabulous-looking as ever, even though she is now a mother of three. Her beauty might be partially attributed to good genetics, although there’s no doubt that the superstar takes proper care of herself. 

What is Beyoncé’s beauty routine?

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Although Beyoncé always goes glam when she’s on the red carpet, at home, the star keeps things a little more minimal. Reportedly, she favors glowy, hydrated skin, and sometimes goes to bed with her face covered in Aquaphor. She also loves bronzer and  even applies it to her body in order to give it a “velvety sheen.” 

Beyoncé also makes sure to always put on primer, in order to keep her makeup from melting away under bright lights. For a star who lives in the spotlight 24/7, Beyoncé actually tends toward low-key beauty products, such as baby oil and drugstore moisturizer, proving that while you can take the girl out of Houston, you can’t take the Houston out of the girl.

When the pressures of fame start to get to be too much, and Beyoncé feels as though she looks extra-tired, she doesn’t turn to extreme anti-aging tricks — rather, she slips on a pair of sunglasses in order to hide how tired she really is. 

What simple trick does Beyoncé use to define her brows?

Beyoncé works with the best of the best, to the finest sound engineers and directors to top-of-the-line makeup artists. When she’s glamming up for the red carpet, she turns to her makeup artist of many years, Sir John.

The artist has opened up in the past about some of Beyoncé’s favorite looks and admitted that while she’s a “statement girl” who loves to rock a bold lip look and minimal eyeshadow, some beauty tricks that he pulls out of his arsenal for the star are attainable for the average fan.

Sir John revealed that Beyoncé’s always-perfect brows are not due to any fancy brow powder or gel — rather, he uses a simple school supply to get her sleek brow look.

“My secret is to use Elmer’s Glue Sticks as the ultimate brow gel in the heat,” he admitted.

Not only does the glue stick feature optimal hold, but according to the celebrity makeup artist, it doesn’t clog pores and washes off very easily. While this trick might not make beauty addicts look like Beyoncé, it could help them achieve her super-defined brows.