Bianca Jagger Said She Knew Her Marriage to Mick Jagger Was Over on Their Wedding Day

The Rolling Stones were already a global sensation when Bianca Jagger met lead singer Mick Jagger in the 1970s. Their romance was fast and furious, and the couple tied the knot less than a year after they met.

However, the former Mrs. Jagger now says that she knew the marriage was over on their wedding day.

Mick and Bianca Jagger
Mick and Bianca Jagger | Reg Lancaster/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Bianca Jagger met Mick Jagger at a Rolling Stones concert

The Jaggers met at a Rolling Stones concert in 1970 after being introduced by their mutual friend, late painter, and director Donald Cammell. They were immediately enamored with one another, and we’re talking about marriage quickly. “Both are moody, sullen, and secretive,” an insider told The Baltimore Sun. “They were fantastic together right from the start.”

One of the rockstar’s lovers reportedly remarked, “There wasn’t ever any doubt that Mick would fall for Bianca. Mick looked into Bianca’s face and saw — Mick. It was as close as he could get to making love to himself.”

However, for the Nicaraguan-born socialite, being Jaggers wife was not the romance she expected it to be. She told Vanity Fair that she was determined not to become he was “not going to become Mrs. So-and-so,” and that did not fit in with her then-husband’s expectations.

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Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger’s marriage was full of tension and infidelity

Despite their obvious attraction and admiration for one another, the Jaggers marriage wasn’t exactly a happy union. They both adored partying, especially at the infamous Studio 54, but the rock star wasn’t exactly thrilled about the attention that his wife got, including the time she rode a horse in the night-life hot spot.

A friend close. to the couple told the Baltimore Sun that there was “definite competition” between the couple.”[Bianca] was definitely the queen at Studio 54, and Mick resented being upstaged.” By the time their marriage ended in 1979, the singer was in a full-fledged relationship with Jerry Hall. The then Mrs. Jagger sued on the grounds of adultery.

However, she has no ill-will against her former spouse. “[He] had a wonderful sense of humor, that I can understand no matter what,” she told Vanity Fair in 1986. “I mean, he could be stabbing me in the back, but he can make me laugh while he does it.”

Bianca Jagger said she knew her marriage to Mick Jagger was over on their wedding day

When the Jaggers wed in 1971, after less than a year of dating, the former actor was already pregnant with their daughter Jade. Looking back, the humanitarian says that she knew the marriage was over that very day.

The bride was draped in a stunning Yves Saint Laurent suit and a wide-brimmed hat and veil. The wedding reception was also famous, including Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, who partied until 4 a.m. However, the then 26-year-old returned to the honeymoon suite by herself.

In a 1986 interview with the New York Daily News, she would later say that her “marriage was over on the wedding day.” She also said that “A rock star is the worst husband a woman could have.” To this day, she is still the only woman the singer ever married.