‘Big Brother’: 1 Important Rule Bans Houseguests From Singing

2020 marks the 20th summer of Big Brother. With so much uncertainty surrounding television productions and timelines, fans of the reality television series were thrilled to hear CBS would be moving forward with the 22nd season this year. The newest season is an All-Star season, meaning the best-of-the-best have been invited back into the house to show their competitors and America what they are made of. Each week the houseguests compete for powers such as Head of Household or the Veto. No matter who is playing, there are certain Big Brother staples the contestants and audience can always expect. Zingbot, of course, being one of them. The show is unique, to say the least, and as a result, comes with an odd and peculiar set of rules.

Analyst Talvera and Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21 laughing
(L-R) Analyst Talvera and Jack Matthews | Sonja Flemming on Big Brother/CBS via Getty Images

What are some of the weirdest rules contestants must follow when on ‘Big Brother’?

In many ways, staying at the Big Brother house can look like a vacation, but former contestants and players have set the record straight. Yes, the “house” is pretty nice and there is a pool. Not to mention, houseguests seem to take a break from work and daily responsibilities they might have at home, but at the end of the day, living in the Big Brother is easier said than done. On top of all of the strategic and exhausting gameplay, there are a tremendous amount of rules the houseguests have to remember to follow. Not to mention, many of them are seriously weird. 

For gaming and streaming purposes, CBS asks the houseguests to refrain from using any secondary language. However, there are, of course, more challenging ones, like not being able to communicate with the outside world. Or not being able to use paper and pen. On the same note, reading books is also prohibited. Because a huge attraction of the series revolves around having 24/7 access to what the houseguests are doing, they must make sure they are not whispering. Production and the audience always needs to be in the inner-circle! However, of all the rules that Big Brother has put into place over the years, there is one that might seem strangely strict.

What rule bans houseguests from singing? 

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Some of the rules on Big Brother make total sense. For instance, CBS does not tolerate violence whatsoever. Fans and viewers may remember this coming into play during season 14 when Willie Hantz was expelled from the house for his violent nature, according to Us Weekly. On the other hand, there are some rules that might have some people raising a few eyebrows. Like the rule that forbids houseguests from singing.

Even for people who aren’t good at, singing is a fun and easy way to pass the time, especially when you are stuck in the Big Brother house for the majority of the summer. Some people may find this rule super odd, but believe it or not, it all comes down to copyright laws, according to The Things. As a result, CBS requires all of the houseguests to refrain from referencing any media at all. Many former players have shared how challenging this is given the excessive amount of time spent in the house. 

What other former houseguests have been expelled from the ‘Big Brother’ house? 

Unfortunately, Hantz wasn’t the only Big Brother contestant who was asked to leave the house. Justin Sebik is probably one of the most unforgettable players in Big Brother history. Unfortunately, not for the right reasons. Sebik played on season 2 and was asked to leave the house after holding a knife up to another houseguest’s neck, according to Us Weekly. Two seasons later, Scott Weintraub found himself in a similar position. After having a violent meltdown, producers had Weintraub expelled as well. These are just two of the many former houseguests with a complex past on the hit reality television series.